Buyers Guide for Industrial Cooling Fans

May 15, 2023
A comprehensive guide for buying industrial fans. The guide is divided into several sections with headings such as "Why Choose Industrial Fans?", "Types of Industrial Fans", "Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Fan", "Installation and Maintenance", and "Top Industrial Fan Brands". The guide also includes various images of industrial fans and related equipment.

Industrial fans are powerful air-cooling solutions ideal for Large indoor spaces like warehouses, factories and garages and also ideal for smaller areas such as offices and for use in the home . Fans are very important in these indoor environments during the hotter summer months when the temperatures rise and leaving working difficult due to the increased temperature  Air cooling fans help reduce the heat and humidity by moving large volumes of air  around and changing the air with cooler air, in an industrial setting due to a number of impressive features. large industrial fans are  built to last with heavy-duty material and strong steel frames.

The main functions that help provide industrial fans with improved airflow are the diameter of the fan and the blade size, the larger fans are ideal for moving large volume of air around larger spaces such as Warehouse, Gyms, or in large Marques. The adjustable tilt function allows the fan to cool down a room more efficiently by sending air in more than one direction. The main function of industrial fans is, of course, its durable velocity motor, having a larger motor enables the fan to produce so much power that results in cooling down rooms quicker.

Industrial Warehouse Air Cooling Fans

When purchasing a fan there is 4 important factors to consider; size, power, durability and main features.

Size: You want to make sure that when buying a fan it’s the correct size for the room or area it’s in. You don’t want to invest in a fan that doesn’t generate enough power to circulate the airflow efficiently or buy a fan that is too large for a area you wish to use it in,

SIP industrial fans

Power: Industrial floor fans are typically more powerful than residential fans, with higher speeds and larger blades. This is important for moving air efficiently and effectively in large, open spaces. Look for a fan with a high CFM rating to ensure it can handle the size of the space you need to cool.

Durability: Investing in a large industrial fan will cost money, make sure that what you buy is fit for purpose and is sturdy enough to survive the environment its in. You want your fan to have a strong metal frame with an impressive motor and good-sized blades.

Features: Make sure that the fan can work efficiently by having some added features like adjustable speeds, oscillating heads, and remote controls for easy operation.

rotational fan head

For owners or managers of warehouses or factories, you want your employees to be as comfortable as possible at work and not feel stuffy or unwell due to poor air circulation, this could lead to poor productivity and an inability to perform to your best. Maximising airflow circulation and having good ventilation can lead to employees being comfortable in their work surrounding. Maximising airflow in big warehouses/large stores is also important if poor stuffy air or bad odour smells are an issue in a place that can deter customers from shopping in a certain place.

Different Types of Fans

High Velocity

High velocity fans preform great in large spaces, it circulates large quantities of air at high speeds. Often used for cooling you can also use high velocity fans to help get rid of fumes or odours.

high velocity industrial fan

Drum Fans

Drum fans are commonly used for cooling and ventilation in industrial settings, photography studios, workshops, construction sites, gymnasiums, livestock sheds, and barns. A drum fan is also called a barrel fan or barrel cooler fan.

Drum Fan

Oscillating Fans

Oscillating fans, which move side to side, up and down or both, move cold air around a room, rather than in one direction.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans sit on top of a long stand. The stands are adjustable, with different speed modes with the option of oscillating heads.  They come in various heights, speeds and blade lengths.

Pedestal Fan

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