Buyers Guide to Draper Pressure Washers

April 26, 2024
The Best Draper Pressure Washers

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the outside of your property or your vehicle then you will be looking for a reliable pressure washer with sufficient power to get the job done efficiently, Draper Pressure Washers stand out as one of the most reliable and versatile pressure washers on the market designed to make cleaning tasks easier. Draper has an impressive wide range of pressure washers that include petrol pressure washers, electric pressure washers and battery-powered pressure washers to suit every cleaning need. Let’s explore the range of Draper Pressure Washers and the advantages of owning one.

Pressure washer is ideal for washing cars

The Range of Draper Pressure Washers

Draper Petrol Pressure Washers

Draper’s Petrol Pressure Washers offer powerful cleaning performance for outdoor tasks that require mobility and high-pressure capabilities. These robust machines are ideal for professional use and larger cleaning projects. With reliable petrol engines and adjustable pressure settings, Draper Petrol Pressure Washers deliver consistent cleaning power for a variety of surfaces, including driveways, decking, and machinery.


Draper Expert Professional 6.5HP Petrol Pressure Washer 83818

This Draper Petrol Pressure Washer 83818, is a powerhouse of cleaning performance designed for professional use. Powered by a robust 4-stroke 6.5HP 196cc petrol engine, this pressure washer delivers an impressive 2700psi of working pressure, perfect for tackling stubborn dirt and grime on a variety of surfaces. With a high-performance flow rate of 7.9L/min at a working pressure of 168 bar, it’s ideal for fast and efficient cleaning of everything from exterior walls to cars, vans, trucks, and driveways. The high-pressure metal trigger provides better pressure control, while the detergent tank enables the use of different detergents and cleaners for enhanced cleaning results

Draper Expert Professional Petrol Pressure Washer 83818

Engine 6.5HP
Displacement 196cc
Speed (no load) 3350-3550r/min
Rated flow rate 7.9L/min
Working pump pressure 168bar (2430psi)
Max. pump pressure 186bar (2700psi)
Hose Length 8M

Draper Petrol Pressure Washer, 13HP (PPW1300) 83819

This Draper Petrol Pressure Washer is robust and expert-quality pressure washer engineered for high-demand tasks where mains power isn’t accessible. Built for heavy-duty industrial use, it boasts a sturdy Triplex brass pump head with a pressure regulator, ensuring durability and reliability for even the toughest cleaning jobs. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, this pressure washer operates with a 4-stroke petrol engine, guaranteeing consistent performance and longevity. Equipped with a 10-meter high-pressure rubber hose reinforced with steel, a metal gun, a five-piece nozzle set, a 1/4-inch plastic hose adaptor, and a fuel funnel with a hose, this washer offers comprehensive cleaning capabilities straight out of the box. With a maximum pressure of 262bar (3800psi) and a flow rate of 12L/min (720L/hr), alongside a 389cc displacement and a speed range of 3350-3550r/min, it delivers exceptional cleaning power. However, it’s important to exercise caution due to the high water pressure produced, making it unsuitable for use on domestic vehicles.

Draper Petrol Pressure Washer, 13HP (PPW1300) 83819

Engine 13HP
Max pressure 262bar (3800psi)
Flow rate 12L/min (720L/hr)
Displacement 389cc
Speed (no load) 3350-3550r/min
Weight (dry) 55kg

Draper Electric Pressure Washers

For homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, Draper’s Electric Pressure Washers are a convenient and efficient solution for outdoor cleaning tasks. Powered by electricity, these washers are easy to use and maintain, making them suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications. With adjustable spray settings and compact designs, Draper Electric Pressure Washers offer effective cleaning power while minimising water and energy consumption. Some of the Draper Electric Pressure Washers come with a patio cleaning attachment making them ideal for washing patios and if you have a concrete yard. Other attachments that come with some of the pressure washers are brushes that are suitable for washing cars & windows.


Draper Pressure Washer With Patio Cleaner (195Bar) 98679

This Draper Pressure Washer has a 195 Bar max pressure rating makit it an ideal choice for trade use with its powerful induction motor. Designed for durability and ease of use, this pressure washer features a convenient carry handle and large wheels for effortless maneuverability on the job site. With a brushless motor, it boasts improved longevity, efficiency, and reduced maintenance requirements. Equipped with an 8-meter high-pressure steel armoured hose and a stainless steel lance, this machine is built to withstand regular use on site, ensuring robust performance and reliability. Additionally, the kit includes a patio cleaning attachment with a pivoting joint, enabling easy cleaning on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Draper Pressure Washer With Patio Cleaner (195Bar) 98679

Max. pressure 2828psi (195bar)
Working pressure 1885psi (130bar)
Rated flow rate 6.7l/min
Max flow  8.0l/min
Cable length 5m
Hose length 8m
Wattage  2500W
Weight 25kg

Draper Electric Pressure Washer 98676

This Draper 1600W Pressure Washer is perfect for efficiently cleaning patios, cars, caravans, or worksites. Engineered for ease of use, this pressure washer is equipped with a carry handle and large wheels, ensuring effortless mobility across various terrains. The innovative total stop device significantly conserves water by automatically halting the flow when the trigger is not engaged, which not only saves valuable resources but also extends the lifespan of the pump and motor. With a maximum pressure of 1958psi (135bar) and a working pressure of 1305psi (90bar), it delivers powerful cleaning action for removing dirt, grime, and debris effectively. The rated flow rate of 5.5l/min, with a maximum flow of 7.1l/min, ensures consistent performance.

Draper Electric Pressure Washer 98676

Max. pressure 1958psi (135bar)
Working pressure  1305psi (90bar)
Rated flow rate 5.5l/min
Max flow 7.1l/min
Cable length 5m
Hose length 5m
Wattage  1600W
Weight  8kg

Draper 230V Pressure Washer 1600W 135bar Red 00786

The Draper 1600W Pressure Washer is a high-efficiency solution perfect for tackling dirt on patios, vehicles, caravans, and worksites with ease. It’s engineered for maximum user convenience, featuring a carry handle and large wheels for superior maneuverability across diverse cleaning scenarios. Its total stop device is a notable innovation, conserving water by ceasing operation when the trigger is released, significantly enhancing the pump and motor’s longevity and ensuring sustainable use. With a working pressure of 90bar and the capability to hit a peak of 135bar, this washer cuts through tough dirt and grime effortlessly. The flow rate shines at 5.5L/min, ramping up to 7.1L/min for quick and thorough cleans. The inclusion of 5m hose and cable lengths means you can easily reach across bigger spaces or vehicles, minimizing the hassle of frequent adjustments.

Draper 230V Compact Pressure Washer 1600W, 135bar, Red 00786

Voltage: 230
Power: 1,600W
Working pressure: 90bar
Maximum pressure: 135bar
Working flow: 5.5L/min
Maximum flow: 7.1L/min
Hose: 5m
Cable: 5m
Weight: 8.0kg

Draper 230V Pressure Washer, 2,200W, 165bar, Yellow 03096

This Draper 1200W Pressure Washer is a high-performance, versatile cleaning tool designed to tackle a variety of tasks, from refreshing patios and vehicles to keeping worksites clean. With a 230V operation and a powerful 2,200W motor, it delivers effective cleaning power with a working pressure of 110bar, escalating up to a maximum pressure of 165bar for those tougher jobs. Ease of use is at the forefront of its design, featuring a carry handle and large wheels for superior maneuverability across different surfaces. The inclusion of a 6m high-pressure hose, neatly stored on an integrated reel with a winding handle, not only keeps the workspace tidy but also enhances safety by reducing clutter. The washer is also equipped with a total stop device that halts operation when the trigger is not engaged, conserving water and extending the life of the pump and motor.

Draper 230V Pressure Washer, 2,200W, 165bar, Yellow 03096

Voltage 230V
Power 2,200W
Working pressure 110bar
Maximum pressure 165bar
Working flow 6.3L/min
Maximum flow 8.2L/min
Hose 6m
Cable 5m
Weight 11.0kg

Draper Battery Pressure Washers

Draper’s Battery Pressure Washers offer ultimate portability and convenience, allowing you to clean outdoor spaces without the need for a power source. These lightweight and compact washers are perfect for quick clean-ups and spot treatments in areas where access to electricity or petrol may be limited. With rechargeable batteries and adjustable spray patterns, Draper Battery Pressure Washers provide versatility and ease of use for on-the-go cleaning tasks.


Draper 20V Battery Pressure Washer Kit 97533

Experience the freedom of cordless cleaning with the Draper Cordless Pressure Washer Kit. Tackle outdoor tasks effortlessly as this powerful kit combines convenience with performance. With a portable design and the flexibility of cordless operation, it’s perfect for a range of cleaning applications. The kit includes all the essentials for a thorough clean, ensuring you can maintain your spaces with ease.

Draper 20V Battery Pressure Washer Kit 97533

Battery D20 20V Li-ion
Batteries per Item 1x 2.0Ah
Charger Type 4A
Max Flow Rate 120L/H
Pressure 0-16Bar
Suction Height 5ft (self priming)
Supplied In Case No
Weight (Bare Tool) 2.2kg

Advantages of Owning a Draper Pressure Washer

Superior Cleaning Power

Pressure washers use high-pressure water jets to blast away dirt, grime, and debris from surfaces with ease. Whether you’re cleaning your car, patio, or garden furniture, a pressure washer can achieve superior cleaning results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional cleaning methods.

Time and Effort Savings

With the powerful spray of a pressure washer, you can complete cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to scrubbing and scrubbing—simply point and spray, and watch as dirt and stains disappear in seconds.

pressure washers for removing bad stains


From cleaning driveways and decks to washing windows and outdoor furniture, a Draper pressure washer is a versatile tool that can handle a wide range of cleaning tasks. With adjustable spray settings and interchangeable nozzles, you can customize the pressure and spray pattern to suit different surfaces and cleaning requirements. You have a great range of different types of pressure washers with Draper so don’t be afraid to browse the range to make sure you invest in the pressure washer that will best suit your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Pressure washers use less water than traditional cleaning methods, making them an environmentally friendly option for outdoor cleaning. By harnessing the power of high-pressure water jets, pressure washers can achieve superior cleaning results while conserving water—a win-win for both your wallet and the planet.

pressure washer for Patio cleaning

Draper Pressure Washers offer a versatile and efficient solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs. Whether you’re tackling tough dirt and grime with a petrol pressure washer, enjoying the convenience of an electric pressure washer, or opting for the portability of a battery-powered washer, Draper has the perfect tool for every cleaning task.

Invest in a Draper Pressure Washer today and unlock the power of cleaning in your outdoor spaces.


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