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May 3, 2022
Draper Garden Tools

It’s getting to that time of year again when you have to worry about cutting the grass every week and being garden proud when you have your friends or neighbours over for a delicious barbecue.

Bring your garden to your high standards with our range of quality new Draper garden products that will make your job a lot easier due to their impressive power & fine cutting ability. The new Draper range includes Line Trimmers, Hedge Trimmers, Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, Leaf Blowers, Pressure Washers, garden landscaping hand tools and more. We will recommend the best in each class and how they will make your life easier in the garden.

Draper Garden Tool Range at Toolforce

Line Trimmers

Get that perfect finish at the edge of your lawn, or along footpaths or curbs. Line trimmers make the final look of your garden more professional, as you can cut any grass you missed or couldn’t reach with your lawnmower. They’re perfect for those tight corners and steep edges around the lawn.

We have a Petrol Brush Cutter & Line Trimmer that would be recommended for more heavy-duty cutting that might include the side of the road or if your local community was buying a line trimmer for local maintenance we would recommend the petrol, Line Trimmer. If you were looking to help maintain a small lawn and wouldn’t need to use it that often then the battery-powered Cordless 40V Grass Line Trimmer is a good shout. It has 40 Voltage and has a quick charge.Draper Garden Strimmer's

Hedge Trimmers

Get your hedge looking in tip-top shape without putting leaves out of place. A well-cut hedge will give you a sense of satisfaction and pride in work. A good hedge trimmer should give a good, clean, even cut without having to redo your work.

It’s important when buying a hedge trimmer to take into account the size and thickness of your hedge, and how often you maintain it. If you choose an electric trimmer, do you have access to a plug point nearby? Can you safely reach them using an extension lead?

For any large scale hedge cutting we would suggest this robust Petrol Hedge Trimmer. If you only maintain some small bushes & hedges at your home we would recommend the 230V Hedge trimmer or the Storm Force 230V, Hedge Trimmer.



If you want to keep the trees around your home in good shape, a chainsaw is a useful tool to have in your arsenal. Chainsaws are fast cutting and a lot more time-efficient than using a handsaw. Chainsaws are ideal for cutting thick branches on trees or hedges that a hedge trimmer doesn’t have the power for. They’re perfect for cutting trees down, getting rid of thick branches, or cutting up logs for the fire without much fuss.

We have three Draper Chainsaws; one Petrol, one Battery powered and one electric. For heavy-duty work, we recommend the petrol chainsaw. If you’re looking to avoid the fluctuating price of petrol and want to reduce your carbon footprint, the Battery-powered chainsaw is powerful and versatile. You don’t need to worry about smelling like a forecourt either. For any work around your home, then the corded electric chainsaw is very suitable and at a good price.

Draper Chainsaws



The size of the garden you have will help you decide what type of lawnmower you need. If you have a big lawn but maybe just not big enough to invest in a tractor lawnmower then we would suggest this Self-propelled petrol Lawn mower (4.4HP). This lawnmower has a cutting width of 530mm and the bag collects 65 litres of grass.

Another Draper petrol Lawnmower that we stock is the Composite Deck Petrol Lawn Mower. This is perfect for any average-sized garden that wouldn’t take too long to cut. At a great price, this lawnmower cutting width is 390cm with a capacity bag of 35 litres.

For any home with a very small lawn and situated in a city town or built-up area then this Draper electric lawnmower would be a perfect choice. Not much noise, easy to store, and easy to move around.Draper Lawn mowers

Leaf  Blowers

A perfect addition to add to your garden shed if you haven’t already. More time-efficient and less physical way of clearing those fallen leaves in the autumn. Leaf Blowers are hugely beneficial if you have a large area of trees on your property or if you are a professional gardener.

Leaf Blowers aren’t just for clearing leaves; you can also clear snow, dirt or small fallen debris from around your house during the windy or snowy weather. We have 3 top clas Draper Leaf blowers in our range.

First up is the 3 in 1 vacuum/blower/mulcher 3200V. An easy way to collect the leaves from your lawn. The bottom of the tube even has two support wheels that help with manoeuvring. This leaf blower gives you the open to blower the leaves away, collect them in the vacuum bag and then the open to mulch the leaves up. Mulching is a good compact way of collecting the leaves for composting in the future if you are short space in your compost bin.

Our next Draper Leaf Bower the D20 20V Leaf Blower does a good job without much fuss. Part of the D20 range which allows you to combine one battery with any tool within the D20 series. The wind speed setting is 100 or 210 km/h and has a quick charge D20 20V Li-ion battery. The tube extends to 720mm.

The final Draper Leaf Bower we have is the Petrol Garden Vacuum Leaf Blower.  This 2 stroke engine is the most powerful of the Draper Leaf Blower range. You can adjust the strap for your comfort and you have the option to extend the tube for easy reach. The bag has a 30L capacity and is easy to empty.Draper Leaf Blowers

Pressure Washers

We have a great range of both power pressure washers. Perfect to take that dull look off your yard or driveway from the harsh weather conditions of the winter months. We have Patio cleaning add-ons for our washers that give your patio that fresh look in time for those sunny summer evenings.

We have a large range of Draper pressure washers that include Electric, Petrol, Battery powered and foam bottles.Draper Pressure Washers

When thinking about patio maintenance there’s also no harm in thinking about protective covers for your furniture and BBQ.

Landscaping Hand Tools

It’s always important when doing landscaping and planting flowers that you have the tools that are able for the job, sturdy and long-lasting.  You want easy-to-use hand tools to get the job done well.

Draper has a great new range of garden tools! These include Shovels, Trowels, Garden Forks, Lawn Edgers, Pruning Saws, Secateurs, Shears, Hoses and more.Draper Garden Hand Tools


Multi-Tools are a wonderful addition to your garden tool range. If you have hedges, bushes, trees and an awkward lawn to cut then this is a must.  The Draper 4 in 1 multi-tool has a grass trimmer, chainsaw, hedge trimmer and extendable pole. There won’t be a blade of grass or leaf out of place once you finish using this tool.

Draper 4 in 1 Garden Multi Tool

It’s always important when using garden equipment to think about safety and make sure you wear the most appropriate gear. Check out our range of safety footwear, headwear, masks, gloves and ear protection.

Don’t wait about it, shop the full Draper Garden Range today!

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