Milwaukee Free 3 Year Extended Warranty

May 24, 2022
Milwaukee Warranty

Milwaukee recently updated and improved their Milwaukee warranty extending it by two years if registered online. But hurry because there is one slight snag. You must register for the extended warranty within 30 days of your Milwaukee power tool purchase.

If you’re curious about the range of tools this warranty covers, we will outline it below any of the tools in our Milwaukee Tool Range on the Toolforce website.

How to Register your Free 3 year Milwaukee Warranty

Before you Start

* Remember to have your proof of purchase at hand; this could be an invoice or a receipt. If you have bought a Milwaukee Kit, each tool will need to be registered separately.
Here is a short guide on registering for your Milwaukee warranty as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Step 1


Register on the European Milwaukee website – you will also find a link at the bottom of the Milwaukee tool product page on our website.

Choose your country of registration.

Milwaukee EU Website - Register for Extended Warranty
Milwaukee EU Website – Register for Extended Warranty

Step 2

Create a Milwaukee Account

Fill in your details here for your Free Milwaukee Warranty. You’re also creating an account so take note of your password. Your username is your e-mail address. Remember these details so that you can log in quickly next time you register another Milwaukee power tool.
When you have submitted your login details, Milwaukee will send you an e-mail to confirm your registration. Click on ‘Validate My Registration’ in the e-mail you receive from

Registering your Milwaukee Tool for extended warranty
Registering your Milwaukee Tool for extended warranty

Step 3

Log in to your new Milwaukee Account.

Next, you will log in to your new Milwaukee account. They will ask what type of Milwaukee product you would like to register. You can check that the Milwaukee product is still eligible for the extended warranty.
At this point, you can start typing in your production code (see tool rating plate number). It will bring up the tool name as you type in the code. Press next. Then enter the serial number and the production code for your Milwaukee product. You’ll find these on the rating plate. At this point, submit the date of purchase.
Next, Milwaukee will ask you to upload your proof of purchase you got from your supplier. They will also ask you to provide the dealer’s name and country of purchase. There is an option to fill in ‘notes’ and ‘history’, but this is not mandatory.

Milwaukee EU warranty Page
Milwaukee EU warranty Page

Step 4

Confirm details

  • Review the details and confirm to validate.
The final step in registering your Milwaukee Tool for extended warranty.
The final step in registering your Milwaukee Tool for extended warranty.


And there you have it! Your tool now has the free extended three year Milwaukee warranty.

Utilizing your warranty

Because you’ve activated the extended warranty on your tool, you’ll be able to log into the Milwaukee eService portal here: 

Irish Website: Milwaukee – Milwaukee (

UK Website:

Once you’re in, you will be able to:

– Arrange a pickup and drop off location

– Explain the fault with the tool and add your number/email address for tracking

– Confirm your repair request

– Get your tool picked up

– Get your tool returned

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