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Milwaukee is well-renowned for its quality and powerful Power Tools, but did you know that they also have an Outdoor Power Equipment range for Gardening? This includes Lawnmowers, Chainsaws, Hedge Trimmers, Line Trimmers, Leaf Blowers, Pruning Saws, and Chemical Sprayers and they have a state-of-the-art garden multi-tool that helps you complete all your gardening jobs by only using one tool.

The Milwaukee Garden Power Tool range has tools in both M12 & M18 battery ranges. If you are looking to operate your Garden tools for heavy-duty work, or if you are a professional gardener, then the M18 range would be best for you as it has more power than the M12 range.


The new self-propelled 53cm battery lawnmower has an M18 Fuel brushless motor powered by two M18 Batteries for outstanding power and performance cutting an area of up to 2000 m² with one charge. You can easily adjust the cutting height to seven different adjustments from a single point. The lowest cutting height is 2.5cm, and the highest is 10 cm.  The mower can start instantly in tall grass by pressing the start button and not having to worry about pulling a cord. The mower delivers up to a 6.4km/h cutting speed and has a versatile 3-in-1 grass management system with mulching, bag, or side discharge on the rear of the lawnmower.

The Powerful Milwaukee easy start lawnmower


Milwaukee Chainsaws are fast-cutting, durable, and meet the high performance you expect – no matter how knotted or hard the tree or material you’re cutting is. Because they’re battery operated, Milwaukee Chainsaws are easy to start and have useful safety features.

If you’re in the market for a Milwaukee Chainsaw then we would recommend the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Chainsaw M18FCHS.

We have this Milwaukee Chainsaw available in:

Below are some of the benefits of the Milwaukee chainsaw:

  • The M18 FUEL™ chainsaw delivers enough power to outperform petrol chainsaws in the most demanding situations.
  • FUEL™ technology allows the saw to maintain speed in tough settings without bogging down, giving it the ability to outperform petrol chainsaws up to 40cc.
  • Next-generation POWERSTATEbrushless motor: This is Milwaukee’s most powerful motor utilising higher grade magnets and 175% more copper than previous motors.
  • Next-generation REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence system delivers advanced digital overload protection for tool and battery and uniquely enhances the tool performance under load.
The Milwaukee M18FCHS-0 Chainsaw is hard at work
The Milwaukee M18FCHS-0 Chainsaw is hard at work

Hedge Trimmers

Designed to meet the needs of professional landscapers and carry out even the toughest of maintenance jobs the Milwaukee hedge trimmer is cordless and runs 30% faster than its competitors with a run time of 2 hours on an M18 battery.

We have the Milwaukee Hedge Trimmer available in:

Below are some benefits of the Milwaukee Hedge Trimmer:

  • The Milwaukee M18 Hedge Trimmer for the Professional Landscape Gardener
  • The Milwaukee POWERSTATE brushless motor provides increased efficiency, lasts longer and delivers maximum power.
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence system delivers advanced digital overload protection for tool and battery and uniquely enhances the tool performance under load.
  • Power to cut 20 mm branches.
  • 600 mm blade trims more material in a single pass, increasing reach and productivity.
  • Up to 2 hours run time with M18 9.0 Ah battery pack.
  • Cuts up to 30% faster vs. cordless competitors.
precision cutting Milwaukee M18CHT-0 Hedge Trimmer
Fine cutting Milwaukee M18 Hedge Trimmer

Line Trimmers

This Milwaukee Cordless Line Trimmer is ideal for any heavy-duty Gardener. It is lightweight and will go to full throttle in under 1 second with no petrol fumes. This Grass Strimmer is part of the Milwaukee M18 range so you can use batteries from any of our other Milwaukee M18 items. The lightweight of the trimmer makes it easy to operate and manoeuvre in those tight corners.

Below are some further benefits of the Milwaukee Line Trimmer:

  • Powerful enough to clear a dense bush and reach full power in less than a second
  • Up to 4600 rpm in the first mode and 6200 rpm in the second mode
  • 2-speed adjustable switch
  • Up to one hour operating time with M18 HIGH OUTPUT 8.0Ah battery
  • Adjustable cutting capacity between 35 and 30 cm
  • An easy-to-change line and an adjustable auxiliary handle optimize comfort and control
  • Weight with a battery of 5.6 kg
  • Flexible battery system: compatible with any Milwaukee M18 battery
  • Supplied Body Only Without Batteries Or Charger
he Milwaukee Line Trimmer powering through the long grass
The Milwaukee Line Trimmer cutting through the overgrowth

Leaf Blowers

Milwaukee Leaf Blower range has models compatible with their M12 and M18 battery ranges. Milwaukee Leaf blowers are perfect for getting into tight spaces and will remove fallen leaves or debris without any hassle. They’re perfect for cleaning up your street, patio, lawn and more.

Our top-recommended model is the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Leaf Blower M18FBL-0. As part of the M18 Range, it has a flexible battery system meaning it can work with any M18 battery. It can reach up to 193km/h to help clear any fallen debris.

We sell the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Leaf blower M18FBL-0 as body only but we also offer it in battery and charger bundles.

Below are the benefits of the Milwaukee M18 Leaf Blower:

  • The Milwaukee® POWERSTATE™ brushless motor provides increased efficiency, lasts longer and delivers maximum power.
  • REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence system delivers advanced digital overload protection for tool and battery and uniquely enhances the tool performance under load.
  • Ergonomic inline design clears debris and dirt in tight spaces.
  • Up to 12.74 m³/min of air volume at 193 km/h to clear debris.
  • Variable trigger and speed lock for full power control.
  • Lock-on switch.
  • Flexible battery system: works with all Milwaukee® M18™ batteries.
The Milwaukee M18FBL-0 Leaf Blower hard at work
The Milwaukee M18FBL-0 Leaf Blower clearing the autumn fall of leaves.

Multi Garden Tool

Finding it hard to store all your gardening equipment? Do you want to have less clutter in your shed? Then why not check out this amazing Milwaukee Quik-Lok 5-in-1 multi garden tool.

Milwaukee Quik-Lok comes highly recommended for its versatility and professional-grade performance. It’s perfect if you have plenty of hedges, bushes and shrubs to maintain, as well as having a big lawn.

Milwaukee Garden Multi Tool Attachment

The 5 add-ons include:

The line trimmer comes with the Quik-Lok power head and then you can buy the additional ends separately as you go along.

Line Trimmer

The Milwaukee Quik-Lok Strimmer attachment is perfect for manicuring the tight corners and edges of your lawn, making sure your full lawn gets the most elegant cut.

The Quik Lok line trimmer head is quick and easy to change and can take 25 feet of string. You can get up to full power in only 1 second and has a 1 hour run time on an M18 9AH battery pack. The trimmer has two speeds and has got a 135° protective guard. Adjustable handle and strap so you can have it set up to your comfort level.

Hedge Trimmer

Ideal for any tall hedges with its 60” reach not including if you add on the extension pole of 10”. The head of the battery-powered Quik Lok hedge trimmer can rotate to 270° which allows for 12 different positions that will help with sculpting your hedge to perfection top to bottom. This electric hedge trimmer is can cut branches up to 25mm in diameter.  508mm blade trims more material in a single pass, increasing reach and productivity.

making sure you don't miss a spot with the Milwaukee Hedge Trimmer multi tool
A nice smooth balance cut using the Milwaukee Multi Tool Hedge Trimmer



This M18 Fuel Quik Lok Chainsaw provides you with a smooth cut. It cuts through hardwood without much hassle. This battery-powered electric Quik Lok Chainsaw is on the end of a 10” Pole and that doesn’t include the option of the extension pole that is also 10”.

The Quik Lok chainsaw pole includes an automatic oiler for appropriate chain lubrication. It features a side-access chain tensioner for easy chain adjustment as well as a branch extracting hook, ideal for leverage and pulling cut branches out of the way.

no need for a ladder when you have the Milwaukee garden multi tool with the extension pole and chainsaw head
The Milwaukee Multi Tool Chainsaw with Extension Pole

Lawn Edger

The Quik Lok Edger attachment gives your garden a manicured look. Precision cutting between the lawn and the surrounding curbing and pathways to tidy up your edges.

The edger blade is 20.3cm long and is long-lasting and very durable. The Quik Lok Edger includes mud flaps to prevent dirt kickback, as well as a skid plate to protect the gearbox from concrete contact. The adjustable wheel allows you to set optimized blade depth and tool angle for maximum control.

that professional lawn cutting look thanks to the Milwaukee multi tool edger
The Lawn Edger gives that professional look to your lawn.

Extension Pole

The 10” extension pole works perfectly with the Milwaukee hedge trimmer extension and chainsaw extension. It allows you to get all you need cut without worrying about getting up on a ladder for any of those up high awkward parts. The extension pole comes with added soft grip to make it as comfortable as possible when needing to use it.

Check out the full range of Milwaukee Garden Power Tools we have in stock! Remember, FREE shipping anywhere in Ireland on all orders over €100.

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