Must have Power Tools for DIY

March 30, 2023
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Being a DIY enthusiast, you always look at projects to improve your home or garden. In order to get these DIY projects done efficiently you want to have the correct tools for the job. The must-have DIY power tools aren’t just aimed at the DIY enthusiast or carpenters but also at the new homeowner and landlords. Owning premises means that you will have to carry out maintenance whether it’s hanging curtain rails, installing shelves, fixing skirting boards, building furniture or hanging picture frames etc, having the correct power tools will make all these jobs so much easier. We’re going to take you through the essential power tools a DIYer should have.

Must have Power Tools for DIY


Cordless Drill is a must have DIY power Tool

Investing in a drill is always the first step along the way of owning your own power tools. The Drill is essential when it comes to DIY, especially around the house. You don’t realise how handy a drill is until you have one. It makes doing jobs way more efficient such as drilling holes to hang pictures, installing shelves, assembling furniture, to hanging a baby gate. Cordless Drills these days offer plenty of power to help you with any DIY project. You don’t have to worry about plug points with cordless drills allowing you to work in the garden or your garden shed. The compact design of cordless drills also allows you to get into tight spaces to complete all the necessary work.

When you’re looking at purchasing a drill don’t forget to order yourself drill bits as well so you can get straight to work.

Circular Saw

Circular saws are a must have for DIY Power Tools

Circular saws are high-performing saws that offer you versatility with the number of materials they can cut.  Ideal for cutting through wood, timber, metal, masonry and granite. A quick and efficient way of getting smooth and controlled cuts. Suitable for cutting timber for shelving or needing to trim floorboards to the correct length or cutting any masonry bricks to size. Circular saws are portable, easy to store and more affordable making them ideal for DIYers instead of investing in more bulkier saws like chop saws or table saws.

Impact Driver

Cordless Impact Driver is a must have DIY power tool

Impact drivers are great for driving screws & fasteners into material with minimum effort. Impact drivers features a 1/4” hex bit holder which grips small screwdriver bits. Due to their high torque and driving speed impact driver are perfect for any bigger DIY projects making them more effective and quicker than combi drills. Impact drivers are slightly more compact than cordless drills allowing you access into confined spaces to fasten any screws.


Cordless Multi tools are a must have DIY Power Tool

Multi tools make is easy to tackle a large scale of cutting and smoothing tasks thanks to its very compact design. Small enough to get into places where you wouldn’t be able to get to with other tools. Grind, sand, polish, cut, carve and engrave with the correct accessories an oscillating multi-tool can do them all. Cordless oscillating multi tools gives you more freedom to work anywhere around your home or garden.

Angle Grinder

Cordless Angle Grinder is a must have DIY Power Tool

Angle grinders are a impressive tool to have. Great for cutting and grinding a number of different materials. When you know what you want to use our angle grinder for its important that you invest in the correct discs, You don’t want to buy grinding discs when you want to cut metal. The different types of angle grinders discs include Diamond discs, Grinding wheel, cut off wheel, flap discs and wire discs. Grinders high RPM speeds allow for the discs to cut through materials like rimming metal pipe, rebar, hog wire, tiles etc. Angle grinders also do a good job when it comes to smoothing rough areas on materials like concrete or removing rust and sharpening other tools. Angle grinders are so versatile that what makes it a great DIY power tool and why its no harm having one in your toolbox.


Sanders are a must have DIY power Tool

Having a sander is a very useful especial if you do all the painting around your home. In preparation for painting you would often sand down the area you are about to paint like window sills. By using a sander instead of manually using sanding paper, will safe you both a lot of effort and time with the finishing look usually better than if you would have sanded it yourself. If you fancy yourself as a handy man building furniture, shelving etc around your home you would sand them down to give that smooth professional finished look. So in a way you could say that you could use a cordless sander on most DIY jobs.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saws are a must have DIY Power Tool

Reciprocating saws also known as Sawzall’s are great for cutting through many different materials with little effort. If you were doing any renovation or demolition work around your home this would be your go to power tool to start with. Perfect when you are working on studwall, lath and plaster walls, or timber framed buildings. They are also great at tearing through timber joists, plasterboard and nails to get a partition or timber extension down quicker.  Cordless reciprocating saws are very portable and easy to use especially if you’re working on a ladder or scaffolding


Cordless Jigsaw is a must have DIY Power Tool

If you enjoy your carpentry and building your own furniture then you definitely need a jigsaw for doing any curves or angle cuts in the wood. A great tool if you were redecorating your kitchen, you would use the jigsaw to cut holes for your kitchen sink or for electrical wires and for giving your counter top curved edges. A jigsaw gives you way more flexibility than other saws and it allows you to cut intricate angled shapes, circles, curved profiles and patterns.

Nail Gun

Cordless Nial Guns are a must have DIY Power Tool

It might be time to replace your hammer and nails with a nail gun. It will make your work and time so more efficient. The nail gun will always give you that power to make sure the nail is always fastened securely, making it great for tacking any big DIY projects. A nail gun can finish off furniture projects and tackle trim with ease, fix skirting boards, pin decorative mouldings to furniture and much more. There is more than one type of nail gun you can buy, framing nailers ( for fencing, deck building or roofing), brad nailers ( for interior decorative work)  and finish nailers ( for interior and exterior trim).

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