NEW Einhell Arrivals at

April 12, 2024
New Einhell Arrivals at

Einhell is renowned for being one of the most popular power tool brands in Europe. Based in Germany, Einhell prides itself on the quality of its products and its innovative, modern designs that meet or exceed the expectations of the DIY enthusiast and trade professional. Einhell provide quality power tools at very affordable prices so we are going to take a look at some of the new products that have just landed with us at an authorised seller of Einhell tools in Ireland.

NEW Einhell Arrivals

Einhell Caulking Gun TE-SG 18/10 Li – Solo

The cordless Einhell Caulking/Sealing Gun is part of the Power X-Change power tool range that offers high-quality performance. This slim compact designed cartridge gun is easy to use and fits  310 ml cartridges. The max squeeze force of the caulking gun is 2,000 N. This gun has a squeezing speed controllable and has LED lighting when working in areas of poor visibility. This robust material means this caulking gun is long-lasting and the soft grip handle helps reduce hand fatigue during use.


Cartridge Size: 310ml
Dispensing Force: 2000N
Feed Speed: 10mm/s
Motor Type: Brush Motor
Motor Voltage: 18v
Weight: 1.94 Kg

Einhell 4 in 1 Garden Multi Tool GE-LM36/4IN1

This Einhell 4-in-1 garden multi tool will make a great addition to anyone’s outdoor gardening tool collection. This garden multi-tool is operated using two 18v batteries making it a 36v cordless power tool. This Einhell 4 in 1 Garden Multi Tool is one of the high-performance member of the flexible Einhell Power X-Change range of tools. This Einhell 36v cordless 4 in 1 garden multi tool includes a line trimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw and an extension pole.


Chain Thickness: 1.1mm
Cutting Length Chainsaw: 200mm
Cutting Length Hedge Trimmer: 450mm
Cutting Width (metal blade): 255mm
Cutting Width (trimmer line): 33cm
Length Extension Bar: 85cm
Max. Chain Speed: 10m/s
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Motor Voltage: 36v
Oil Tank Content: 100ml
Total Length Hedge Trimmer Max: 314cm
Total Length Hedge Trimmer Min: 241cm
Total Length High Pruner Max: 275cm
Total Length High Pruner Min: 201cm
Total Length Scythe Max: 183cm
Total Length Trimmer Max: 183cm

Einhell Pruning Chainsaw GE-PS 15/15Li BL

The Einhell 18V Cordless Pruning Chainsaw featuring a cutting-edge brushless motor, it delivers exceptional power and extended running time, ensuring efficient performance with every use. Whether you’re pruning, shaping trees and bushes, shredding green cuttings, or cutting squared timber, this chainsaw is your ultimate companion. Experience reduced vibrations thanks to its highly efficient motor, ensuring smooth and precise operation. Maintenance is a breeze with its tool-free guide bar and chain replacement, keeping your chainsaw in prime condition effortlessly. Equipped with a high-quality guide bar and chain set, this chainsaw delivers superior cutting performance, while its hand guard and folding chain cover ensure safe operation. Enjoy enhanced comfort and control with the hand rest featuring a soft grip for use with both hands. Crafted with a slim and lightweight design, this chainsaw offers ergonomic operation, minimizing fatigue during extended use.


Chain Pitch: 7.62mm
Chain Thickness: 1mm
Cutting Length: 12.5cm
Filling Quantity Chain Oil Bottle: 50ml
Max. Chain Speed: 4.8m/s
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Motor Voltage: 18v
Number of Drive Links: 28
Power X-Change: True
Sword Length: 15.8cm
Weight: 1.11Kg

Einhell Modular E-Case Tower Tool Storage System

The Einhell Modular E-Case Tower Tool Storage System is a great solution for organising your tools and accessories with ease. This E-Case Tower is part of Einhells innovative modular E-Case system. Designed to accommodate machines and accessories, this system case set ensures efficient storage and transportation of your equipment. The locking system securely connects stacked cases, providing stability and peace of mind during transport. Constructed with durability in mind, this tool storage system boasts a sturdy build capable of supporting a total load of up to 120 kg. Navigate any terrain effortlessly with its rubberized tires, while the extra-wide telescopic handle ensures smooth and comfortable transport. With a splash-proof design, your tools stay protected even in challenging environments. The running board facilitates easy tipping of the case, enabling convenient trolley use, while the bumper ensures safe maneuvering over stairs


Max. Payload: 120kg
Number of Handles: 5
Wheel Diameter: 150mm
Weight: 10.08Kg

Einhell Table Saw TE-TS 36/210 Li-Solo

This powerful Einhell 36V Cordless Table Saw is designed to deliver precision and performance wherever your projects take you. As a reliable member of the Power X-Change family, this table saw requires 2x18V batteries that ensures maximum power and flexibility. Crafted with a sturdy aluminum table, this saw combines lightweight construction with perfect gliding properties for effortless operation. The extendable table extension on the right accommodates wider workpieces, while the compact design makes it ideal for small spaces or mobile use. Experience smooth and reliable operation with the soft start function, which protects both the engine and gearbox for long-lasting durability. The saw features an extremely stable rip fence for precise longitudinal cuts, along with an angle stop for accurate mitre cuts ranging from -60 to +60 degrees. Equipped with a high-quality HM saw blade specially developed for cordless saws, this table saw ensures exceptional cutting performance. Continuous height adjustment of the saw blade enhances safety, while the blade for mitres is infinitely adjustable to the left by 45 degrees for versatile cutting options.


Angle Stop Max: 60°
Angle stop min: -60°
Cutting Height: 70mm
Idle Speed Max: 3800 min^-1
Integrated Sliding Carriage: False
Max. Cutting capacity (right): 625mm
Motor Type: Brush Motor
Motor Voltage: 36v
Number of Saw Blade 1 Teeth: 40pcs
Number of Saw Blades Included in Delivery: 1pcs
Rip Fence Fastening: Front/Rear
Saw Blade 1 Diameter: 210mm
Softstart: True
Suction Type: On the housing and saw blade guard
Weight: 13.15 Kg

Einhell Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li-Solo

This Einhell 18V Universal Spreader is designed to be used all year around making your gardening tasks easier.  Featuring a 6-stage electronic speed control, you have precise control over the spreading process, ensuring optimal coverage every time. The ergonomic flow rate adjustment knob with 8-stage settings allows you to tailor the spread to your specific needs. With a generous 3.3-liter filling capacity, you can tackle larger areas without frequent refills. The soft grip handle ensures ergonomic and secure handling, reducing fatigue during extended use. Experience versatility with the individually adjustable spread width, reaching up to 5 meters, allowing you to customize your spreading pattern to suit your lawn’s needs. From fertiliser and grass seed to salt, this spreader handles a variety of materials with ease. Whether it’s springtime fertilising, overseeding in the fall, or de-icing pathways in winter, the Einhell 18V Universal Spreader is your year-round companion for maintaining a healthy and vibrant outdoor space.

Einhell Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li-Solo


Motor Voltage: 18v
Motor Type: Brush Motor
Spreader Container (Filling Volume): 3.3 litres
Spreading Amount Regulation (levels): 8
Spreading range (max.): 5m
Spreading range (min.) 2.2m

Einhell Air Compressor PRESSITO 18/25

The Einhell 18V Air Compressor PRESSITO 18/25 is perfect for quick and efficient inflation tasks. This portable air compressor is equipped with both high and low-pressure pumps, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to inflate car tyres, wheel tyres, balls, or air mattresses, the PRESSITO 18/25 has you covered. Its high-pressure pump ensures fast and accurate tyre inflation, with a desired pressure adjustable up to 11 bar. The auto shutoff function kicks in once the set pressure is reached, preventing over-inflation. For low-pressure tasks like blowing up air mattresses or deflating them, the low-pressure suction function comes in handy. The two-line pressure display allows you to monitor both target and actual pressure with ease, while the selectable pressure units (bar, psi, and kPa) cater to your preference. Experience hassle-free operation with the pushbutton switch for inflation without pressure preset, providing quick and convenient inflation when needed. Plus, with the included inflation adaptor kit and integrated storage compartment, you have everything you need for various inflation tasks right at your fingertips.


Max. Operating Pressure: 11 bar
Motor Speed: 25000 min^-1
Motor Type: Brush Motor
Motor voltage: 18v
Number of Cylinders: 1 pcs
Output Power 0 bar: 17 l/min
Output Power 4 bar: 11 l/min
Output Power 7 bar: 9 l/min
Suction Power: 25 l/min
Tank Volume: 0 l
Weight: 2.28 Kg

Einhell Drain Cleaner TE-DA 18/760 Li Solo

The Einhell 18V Drain Cleaner is great for keeping your drains clear and flowing smoothly. Powered by a battery-operated motor, this drain cleaner makes clearing clogs a breeze with its simple retraction and extension mechanism. Whether your drain is blocked, clogged, or simply needs maintenance, the Einhell Drain Cleaner has you covered. With the ability to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, you can release blockages effectively and efficiently. Crafted with a zinc-coated spiral, this drain cleaner is rust-proof, ensuring durability and longevity. Cleaning the drum is a breeze thanks to the convenient outlet opening, while the locking mechanism helps remove stubborn dirt with ease. Versatile and adaptable, the Einhell Drain Cleaner is suitable for pipes ranging from 16 to 55 mm, thanks to its 7 mm thick spiral. Illuminate your working area with the built-in LED light, ensuring visibility even in dark or tight spaces.


Cleaning Spiral Diameter: 7mm
Cleaning Spiral Length: 7.6m
Idle Speed Max: 560 min^-1
Motor Type: Brush Motor
Motor Voltage: 18v
Pipe Diameter Max: 55mm
Pipe Diameter Min: 16mm
Weight: 3.69 Kg

Einhell Chemical Sprayer GE-WS 18/150 Li-Solo

This Einhell 18V Chemical Sprayer makes for effortless and precise chemical application in your garden or on your property. With its automatic pump, there’s no need for manual pressure build-up, saving you time and effort. Equipped with a transparent tank featuring a scale, you can easily check the fluid level, ensuring uninterrupted spraying. The individually adjustable brass nozzle allows you to customize your spray pattern for optimal coverage, while the stainless steel spray lance ensures durability and corrosion resistance.  Navigate your spraying tasks with ease using the lockable operating button on the spray lance, providing added control and convenience. The battery cover provides protection against water ingress, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Filling up is a breeze with the large opening, minimizing spills and mess. Plus, with padded carrying straps, you can work tirelessly without strain or discomfort.


Flow Rate: 102 l/h
Max. Liquid Temperature: 40 °C
Max. Pump Pressure: 4.5 bar
Motor Type: Brush Motor
Motor Voltage: 18v
Pressure Hose Length 1.4m
Tank Volume: 15 l
Weight: 4.4 Kg

Einhell Router TP-RO 18 Li BL – Solo

This Einhell 18V Router is a powerful tool designed to take your woodworking projects to the next level. Featuring a brushless motor, this router delivers exceptional power and extended running time, ensuring reliable performance for a wide range of applications. With PurePOWER Brushless technology, enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year motor warranty after registration, highlighting Einhell’s commitment to durability and quality craftsmanship. Experience precise control with continuously variable speed control electronics and a powerful motor, allowing you to adjust the speed to suit your specific task. The router offers infinitely adjustable milling depth with additional fine adjustment, along with a multi-stage turret stop for precise depth adjustment.

Equipped with a precise double pipe guide, this router ensures dimensionally accurate milling for professional results every time. With collets in 6 and 8 mm sizes, you have versatility to use various router cutters for different applications. Changing tools is quick and easy thanks to the spindle lock, while the LED provides optimal illumination of the working area for enhanced visibility. A plastic insert protects the workpiece surface, ensuring pristine finishes with every cut.


Collet Diameter: 6/8mm
Lift Height: 35mm
Max. Shape Cutter: 30mm
Max. Speed: 30000 min^-1
Min. Speed: 10000 min^-1
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Motor Voltage: 18v
Number of Collets Included in Delivery: 2pcs
Suction Adapter Diameter: 35mm
Weight: 2.26 Kg

Toolforce have a great range of Einhell products that will continue to grow, you can shop the full range of Einhell power tools here and keep up to date on NEW Einhell Arrivals!

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