The Best Generator For Your Needs?

September 12, 2022
Tool Forces range of Generators

We all know the importance that electricity has in our lives, from powering our home and all the appliances in it to construction, hospitality, healthcare and transport sectors having electricity helps us function a lot easier and if for some reason there is an outage you want to have a backup. And how is that possible? It comes through a generator.

When it comes to different types of generators, you have generators that have different levels of power. So it’s important when investing in a generator that you know its capabilities and that it will last the test of time with the job you want it to perform.

What are the Different Types of Generators?

Portable Generators

Portable generators are great to have when you are working on remote job sites and need power for your electrical power tools or source of power for your charger for your battery powered tools. Portable generators are compact and have big rubber wheels that make them easy to transport from the back of your work van to your location on site. The big wheels help transport it around the site if the ground is uneven or muddy.

Sealey Portable Generator G5501
5500W power suitable for running power tools and lighting Units

Other places where portable generators would be used regularly are at outdoor wedding venues & campsites away from the powered grid and at big event shows such as the ploughing championships to help power any big agricultural equipment. Sealey has a quality range of portable generators

Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators or silent generators would be quieter and more energy efficient than your regular generator. The main difference is that inverter generators generate more ‘cleaner’ power which can be used on those more sensitive electronic devices such as a computer or smartphone. This is done by turning the AC electric current into a DC current and then turning it back into an AC current again.

Sealey Inverter Generator
Provides stable ‘clean’ output making the unit suitable for use with sensitive electrical equipment

The second main difference between an inverter and a traditional generator is that inverter generators are higher fuel efficiency. An inverter generator can adjust the speed of its engine. So for example it is powering a lightbulb, it would then reduce its power but if you were to add a second lightbulb it would automatically increase its power, were a traditional generator’s engine would always be running at the same speed. Draper Tools & SIP Industrial offer a great selection of Silent Inverter Generators

Standby Generators

Standby generators serve the purpose of switching on automatically when grid power fails. You would find these generators in places such as hospitals, hotels, residential apartments, restaurants, and big office blocks.

Industrial Generators

Industrial generators operate in an industrial environment where power is in high demand for everything from robotics, machinery and lighting systems to computing centres. For this reason, these units are large-capacity generators, robust and able to supply a long, continuous supply of electricity. Consequently, they need to be large and powerful.

Generator To Suit Your Needs

portable Kitchen appliances, home and job-site power tools
Inverter Home medical devices, mobile phones, laptops, construction-site tools, construction-onsite offices
Standby Hospitals, medical centres, hotels, restaurants, commercial premises, manufacturing
Industrial Robotics, lighting systems, manufacturing, computer centres


Recommended Generators

1) SIP T300W | 3KVA Medusa Petrol Generator 25133

Designed for long-range use, using a 15litre fuel tank, a powerful 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine, and built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) system, and low oil shutdown.

Designed for long range use, using a 15litre fuel tank

2) SIP Digital Silent Inverter Generator 25119

ISG2200 Digital Inverter Generator is fitted with powerful digital inverter technology, providing a reliable power source for electronics, plus has a 40% better fuel economy than others.

SIP ISG2200 Digital Inverter Generator is fitted with powerful digital inverter technology

3) Sealey Portable Generator 5500W 110/230V 13HP G5501

The heavy-duty frame design features two wheels and a large handle, these provide full protection and portability. Suitable for running power tools and lighting units. Long-running with up to 11 hours on a full tank. Fitted with 2 x 230V 16A and 2 x 110V 16A sockets. Powerful and reliable generator.

Sealey Portable Generator G5501
Long running with up to 11 hours on a full tank

4) Draper Silent Petrol Inverter Generator, 1000Z | 1KVA 95196

Light and compact, compared to traditional generators, and is fitted with a carry handle. This generator is powered by a 4-stroke petrol engine with an easy pull recoil start. It is quiet and runs continuously for 4.8 hours at 100% load. It includes pure sine wave inverter technology capable of providing clean and stable running of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment such as laptops, microwave ovens, induction hobs and TVs.

Quiet and runs continously for 4.8 hours at 100% load


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