The Best of DeWalt Tool Storage

October 11, 2023
The Best Of DeWalt Tool Storage

DeWalt are renowned for being reliable when it comes to cordless power tools and their storage systems are no different. DeWalt’s storage is well suited to the tough conditions that a job site has to offer, with the same professionalism as their power tools  DeWalt’s storage range includes two main systems;  TSTAK & ToughSystem which have a very impressive range to choose from for stackable storage.

DeWalt TSTAK Storage System

The DeWalt TSTAK storage range redefines organization and mobility for professionals. Crafted with durability in mind, these stackable units are ingeniously designed to store, protect, and transport tools and accessories. With customizable compartments and a robust locking system, TSTAK units offer secure storage solutions tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re a contractor, mechanic, or DIY enthusiast, the TSTAK range ensures your tools are always at your fingertips, making tasks more efficient and streamlined.

DeWalt ToughSystem Storage System

The DeWalt ToughSystem storage range is a game-changer for professionals seeking unparalleled durability and organization. Designed to withstand the harshest job site conditions, ToughSystem modules are built from rugged materials, ensuring ultimate protection for your tools and equipment. With features like robust handles, heavy-duty latches, and weather-sealed compartments, ToughSystem units offer secure and weather-resistant storage. Whether you’re a tradesperson, technician, or craftsman, the ToughSystem range guarantees your tools remain safe, accessible, and ready for action, even in the toughest environments.

Within the range of DeWalt storage, you have a wide range of items to choose from including, drawers, tool bags, backpacks and cases that can be used in many different trades, Electrician, Carpenters, Plumbers, Builders, Engineers and more.

DeWalt Storage Drawers

DeWalt’s storage drawers, exemplified by models such as the DeWalt DWST08330-1 ToughSystem 2.0 3 x Drawer Unit and the DeWalt TSTAK 2 Shallow Drawer Tool Storage Box (DWST1-70706), are engineered to cater to the diverse needs of professionals in various industries. The ToughSystem 2.0 3 x Drawer Unit is a robust solution for heavy-duty storage, featuring a durable build that withstands the toughest job site conditions. Its three deep drawers provide ample space for organizing a wide array of tools and equipment, ensuring quick and easy access when needed. On the other hand, the TSTAK 2 Shallow Drawer Tool Storage Box offers a more compact yet highly efficient solution. With its shallow drawers, it’s perfect for storing smaller tools and accessories securely. Both options showcase DeWalt’s commitment to quality, durability, and functionality, providing professionals with reliable storage solutions that enhance efficiency and organization on the job site.

DeWalt Storage Drawers

Best DeWalt Storage Drawers

DeWalt DWST08330-1 ToughSystem 2.0 3x Drawer Unit

This DeWalt Drawer Unit, featuring 3 shallow drawers, is an ideal storage solution for power tools, hand tools, small parts, and more. Part of the versatile ToughSystem 2.0 Range, these drawers seamlessly integrate with the complete Toughsystem lineup of modular tool storage. Designed for convenience, this unit is portable, equipped with robust side handles, and effortlessly connects to other TOUGHSYSTEM units and toolboxes via automatic stacking latches. Crafted from durable ABS plastic and boasting an IP65 protection rating, it ensures long-lasting performance.

DeWalt DWST08330-1 ToughSystem 2.0 3x Drawer Unit


Organizer Lid
Product Width
313 mm
Toolboxes Product Type
Plastic Toolboxes
25 l
Hinge Material
Metal Hinge
Product Height
320 mm
Yes – 3x
Latch Material
Plastic Latch
Internal Organizers
Product Handle Type
Carry Handle
V-Groove for Timber
Product Weight Gross
10 Kg
Number of Pieces
Tote Tray
Product Length
554 mm

DeWalt DWST1-70706 TSTAK 2 Shallow Drawer Tool Storage Box

The DeWalt TSTAK 2 Shallow Drawer Tool Storage Box is expertly crafted from durable 3mm polypropylene plastic, ensuring long-lasting use. Its two heavy-duty ball-bearing sliding drawers, accompanied by adjustable dividers, offer impeccable organization for your tools, allowing precise arrangement tailored to your job requirements.

Engineered with user comfort as a priority, it features a bi-material handle for effortless and comfortable transportation. The tool storage box is designed with engineered plastic side clips that facilitate the secure stacking of multiple boxes, guaranteeing stability during transit. Utilizing the TSTAK interlocking storage system, you can easily connect and customize toolboxes to meet your specific needs, delivering unmatched flexibility and convenience for your storage solutions.

DeWalt DWST1-70706 TSTAK 2 Shallow Drawer Tool Storage Box


Width: 440mm
Depth: 176mm
Height: 314mm
Weight Capacity: 30kg

DeWalt Tool Bags

DeWalt tool storage bags represent the epitome of convenience and organization for professionals on the move. Crafted with precision and durability, these bags are designed to withstand the rigours of job sites while keeping tools and equipment protected and easily accessible. DeWalt’s tool storage bags come in various sizes and configurations, accommodating a wide array of tools, from power tools to hand tools and accessories. Equipped with multiple pockets, compartments, and reinforced handles, these bags offer smart organization and easy transport. Whether it’s the rugged fabric, reinforced stitching, or the thoughtful placement of pockets, every detail is meticulously engineered to ensure longevity and functionality.

DeWalt Storage Bags


Best DeWalt Tool Bags

DeWalt DWST60103-1 Pro 16” Tool Storage Bag

Explore the Dewalt DWST60103-1 Pro 16” Open Mouth Tool Bag, your ultimate solution for job site versatility and durability. This tool bag is meticulously designed to enhance your access to tools, maximizing your work efficiency.

Featuring an open-mouth design complemented by a vibrant Dewalt-yellow interior lining, this bag guarantees rapid and unobstructed access to your tools. With a total of 19 pockets, you have the freedom to organize your tools according to your preferences, tailoring your setup to meet the specific demands of your task. The open mouth not only ensures swift access but also provides the option to securely close it, safeguarding your tools during transit and bolstering overall security. Additionally, this bag boasts an IP54 water-resistant welded compartment with a unique zip protector, offering crucial protection against water damage for your delicate tools.

DeWalt DWST60103-1 Pro 16'' Tool Storage Bag


Dimensions: 410 x 280 x 300mm
Load Capacity (Weight): 25Kg
Protection Class: IP54
Stackable: No
Shoulder Strap: Yes

Dewalt DWST60105-1 Pro 11” Electricians Tool Storage Tote Bag

This DeWalt Electricians Tote Bag is equipped with 34 pockets, offering abundant space for various tools and power tool accessories. Designed with protection in mind, this tote bag features an IP54 water-resistant welded compartment, ensuring a secure environment for your essential items. Crafted from premium, dirt-repellent 1680D fabric, it’s built to endure the challenges of the job site. Emphasizing durability, this tote bag is reinforced with expert stitching, enhancing both its strength and shape retention over time.

Dewalt DWST60105-1 Pro 11'' Electricians Tool Storage Tote Bag


Dimensions: 280 x 240 x 410mm
Load Capacity (Weight): 25Kg
Protection Class: IP54
Stackable: No
Shoulder Strap: Yes

DeWalt DWST82990-1 TSTAK Soft Tote Tool Bag

Discover the ultimate in tool storage with this DeWalt Soft Tote bag. Its padded shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying, while its robust build offers a reliable space for both hand and power tools. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with the TSTAK System through its side stacking latches. With an injected plastic base providing water ingress protection on wet floors, this tote bag is not just convenient but also highly durable, making it the perfect choice for your tool storage needs.

DeWalt DWST82990-1 TSTAK Soft Tote Tool Bag


Dimensions: 35cm x 45cm x 25cm
Weight Capacity: 30kg
Stackable Yes

DeWalt Backpacks

DeWalt backpacks, exemplified by the DeWalt DWST60101-1 Pro Backpack on Wheels, are the perfect companions for professionals who require mobility and organization in one package. These backpacks are ingeniously designed to combine the convenience of a traditional backpack with the functionality of a tool bag. The addition of sturdy wheels in the DWST60101-1 makes transportation effortless, whether on uneven job sites or smooth surfaces. These backpacks boast multiple pockets, compartments, and organizers, ensuring that every tool and accessory has its designated place. Crafted with durability in mind, they are constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the harshest of working conditions. Comfort features like padded shoulder straps make carrying heavy loads more bearable.

DeWalt DWST560101-1 Pro Backpack on Wheels

Best DeWalt Backpack

DeWalt DWST60101-1 Pro Backpack on Wheels

This DeWalt DWST60101-1 wheelie backpack is a durable and secure solution designed for professional tradespeople. Ideal for those commuting via public transport or navigating high-rise office blocks for maintenance work, this backpack with wheels offers convenience like never before. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying heavy tools on your back; now you can effortlessly manoeuvre through crowds on trains and buses. With its IP54 waterproof rating and 46 well-organized pockets, this backpack ensures easy access and protection for all your tools, making it an essential companion for any tradesperson.

DeWalt DWST60101-1 Pro Backpack on Wheels


Dimensions: 350 x 240 x 540mm
Load Capacity (Weight): 25kg
Stackable: No
Wheeled Yes
Protection Class: IP54

DeWalt Storage Cases

DeWalt storage cases are a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing top-notch solutions for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. These cases are meticulously crafted to offer the ultimate protection and organization for your valuable tools and accessories. Whether it’s the ToughSystem or the TSTAK series, these cases are built rugged, using high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest job site conditions. They feature smart compartmentalization, allowing for systematic arrangement of tools, ensuring everything has its designated place. From power tools to smaller accessories, these cases provide customized storage options, preventing damage during transport and storage.


DeWalt Storage Systems

Best DeWalt Storage Cases

DeWalt DWST17871-1 TSTAK Quick-Access Wheeled Tool Chest

Optimize your tool storage with this portable tool chest from DeWalt, perfect for organizing both your power and hand tools while you’re on the move. With a generous 50kgs of storage capacity, this chest is a powerhouse. Compatible with DeWalt TSTAK modules, it can be stacked efficiently thanks to its durable side latches, creating a streamlined workstation. The half-lid on top offers quick access without disturbing the stacked TSTAK modules, enhancing convenience. Featuring 2X IP54 seals for dust and water resistance, along with corrosion-resistant metal latches and hinges, this chest is built to withstand tough conditions. Easily customize your storage space with internal dividers, and ensure security with the fully lockable job chest and quick access lid equipped with a padlock eye.

DeWalt DWST17871-1 TSTAK Quick-Access Wheeled Tool Chest


Max Weight 50 kg
Max Volume 30 Gallons
Lockable Yes

DeWalt DWST1-71195 TSTAK VI Deep Toolbox

Enhance your tool organization with the DeWalt TSTAK VI Deep Toolbox, a robust storage option designed for your power tools. Offering a substantial 23-litre capacity, this toolbox is a crucial part of the versatile TSTAK interlocking system, ensuring efficient equipment storage. Built to withstand rugged job sites, it combines durability and security. The toolbox features sturdy metal latches and hinges that are heavy-duty, promising longevity and reliability for your tools. Invest in this secure storage solution to keep your power tools organized and protected, tailored for the demands of challenging work environments.

DeWalt TSTAK VI Deep Toolbox DWST1-71195


Width: 440 mm
Depth: 332 mm
Height: 301.5 mm

DeWalt DWST1-71194 TSTAK Tool Organiser Storage Case

This impressive and durable DeWalt Tool Organiser,is a vital component of the TSTAK interlocking system. Seamlessly attachable to other DeWalt TSTAK interlocking storage boxes, this organiser offers incredible versatility. It features 7 removable cups, including 2 large and 5 small ones, providing adjustable storage options. The ergonomic soft grip handle ensures comfortable carrying, enhancing user convenience. This heavy-duty organiser guarantees secure storage, making it an essential solution for your tool organization needs. Explore this reliable storage option for a seamless and organized workflow.

DeWalt TSTAK Tool Organiser Storage Case DWST1-71194


Width 440mm
Depth 332mm
Height 145mm

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