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January 25, 2024

ToughBuilt Arrives at Toolforce! 

ToughBuilt provides a range of top-quality innovative products that are designed for professional use on the jobsite. ToughBuilts’ aim is to create smart designs that allow workers to “save time, save hassle, and save money”.

From their innovative Massive Mouth Bags to their reliable knee pads and a variety of cutting-edge knives, ToughBuilt has carved a niche in the market for those who demand excellence in their work gear.

Innovative Design

ToughBuilt takes pride in its commitment to innovation, evident in the ingenious design of their products. The Massive Mouth Bags, for instance, redefine tool storage with their uniquely wide-mouthed openings, allowing for quick and easy access to tools of all sizes. The thoughtfully designed compartments and pockets within these bags maximize organization, ensuring that every tool has its designated place, making the work process smoother and more efficient.

ToughBuilt innovative designs come from ways that they feel will help professionals work easier, better, and faster. Before each design, they spend time watching the hard-working porfessional tradesmen and see how can they make this better for you.

ToughBuilt Belt pouches

Quality Design

Quality and Professional is the cornerstone of ToughBuilt philosophy, reflecting in every product they offer. The knee pads, crafted with precision, exemplify this commitment. Built with rugged materials and featuring advanced cushioning technology, ToughBuilt knee pads provide unparalleled comfort and protection for professionals who spend hours on their knees. The durable design ensures longevity, making them a reliable companion on any job site.

ToughBuilt spend plenty of time when it comes to new product ranges making sure they get it right. They want their product to be long-lasting and even be able to pass down to future generations of family members. ToughBuilt manufacture every one of their products to strict quality standards and back them up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

ToughBuilt TB-KPS-05 Stabilizer Snapshells Knee Pads

Great Value

What sets ToughBuilt apart is their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional value for their customers. The Massive Mouth Bags, despite their innovative design and high-quality materials, offer great value for the investment. These bags not only enhance efficiency on the job but also prove to be a cost-effective solution for professionals seeking durable and practical tool storage solutions.

Below we are going to take a look at our 3 recommended ranges of the ToughBuilt and the best products that offer best in class standards and are a must-have for professionals in the construction industry.

ToughBuilt Massive Moth Storage bags


ToughBuilt Recommendations

Saw Stands & SawHorses

ToughBuilt’s Saw Stands and Sawhorses epitomize the brand’s dedication to providing sturdy and reliable solutions for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Engineered with precision and crafted from robust materials, these saw stands and sawhorses are designed to withstand the rigors of demanding job sites. The innovative features, such as adjustable height, foldable design, and quick setup, make them incredibly versatile, adapting to various cutting tasks and job requirements. Whether you’re a carpenter, contractor, or hobbyist, ToughBuilt’s Saw Stands and Sawhorses deliver a stable and secure foundation for your sawing needs, enhancing both safety and efficiency on the job

ToughBuilt Mitre saw stand

Recommended Stands & Sawhorses

ToughBuilt TB-S510 195cn Universal Mire Saw Stand

Elevate your workspace with the ToughBuilt 195cm Mitre Saw Stand, a premier work stand designed for the discerning professional. With a generous full extension of 195cm and a sturdy height of 73cm, this stand eliminates sagging, providing a reliable platform for seamless cutting of longer materials. Boasting 2 extending work supports, 2 work stops, and 2 quick-release Tool Mounts, it effortlessly accommodates various tools such as mitre saws or chop saws. The inclusion of 8.5-inch solid rubber wheels ensures smooth transportation to any location. Further enhancing convenience, support pegs offer a secure and efficient storage solution for materials above ground level. Experience unparalleled sturdiness and versatility with this robust miter saw stand, designed to meet the demands of professional tradespeople.

ToughBuilt TB-S510 195cn Universal Mire Saw Stand


ToughBuilt TB-C300 Sawhorse

Experience enduring durability and unparalleled value with the ToughBuilt® C300 Sawhorse and Jobsite Table. Meticulously crafted from 100% high-grade steel, this sawhorse boasts an impressive 1100 lb. capacity on its own and an exceptional 2200 lb. capacity per pair. Compact and robust, the fast-open legs ensure quick and straightforward setup, catering to your efficiency needs. The powder-coated and zinc-plated steel construction not only guards against corrosion but also guarantees resilience in the face of rigorous environments.

ToughBuilt TB-C300 Sawhorse

Massive Mouth Bags

The flagship Massive Mouth Bags from ToughBuilt are a testament to ingenuity. The wide-mouthed opening allows for easy access to tools, eliminating the frustration of rummaging through a cluttered bag. The carefully designed interior pockets and compartments cater to the specific needs of various tools, ensuring a well-organized and efficient work process. From construction sites to DIY projects, these bags redefine how professionals approach tool storage.

Recommended Tool Bags

ToughBuilt TB-60-20 50cm Massive Mouth Tool Bag

This groundbreaking bag introduces a new era of accessibility with its patent-pending opening, surpassing any other on the market in width. The unique octagonal shape, coupled with a rigid plastic hard body lining, not only shields the bag’s contents but also ensures the bag maintains its shape over time. Prioritizing security, the bag incorporates a lockable zipper. Boasting 51 versatile pockets and loops, including a covered notebook pocket, structured external pockets for secure tool placement, and durable zippered mesh pockets enhancing visibility, this bag is a true game-changer. Crafted from high-quality, rugged materials and fortified with heavy-duty rivets, this industrious bag is meticulously designed to endure the demanding requirements of professionals.

ToughBuilt TB-60-20 50cm Massive Mouth Tool Bag

ToughBuilt Toolmate Softboxes 3 Pack TB-192-C

Experience enhanced organization for small supplies with the ToughBuilt Softbox Toolmate 3-Pack, providing versatile storage solutions. Featuring three different sizes, these SoftBoxes cater to a variety of needs. The spacious 30cm Softbox, complete with adjustable dividers, accommodates a wide range of items, from fasteners to power tools. With heavy-duty mesh windows and wide zippered openings, these Softboxes ensure exceptional visibility and easy access. Convenient label windows make organization seamless.

ToughBuilt TB-192-C Toolmate Softboxes 3 Pack

Knee Pads

ToughBuilt knee pads are a game-changer for professionals who often find themselves working on their knees. Engineered with high-quality materials and advanced cushioning, these knee pads provide optimal comfort and protection. The thoughtful design includes adjustable straps for a secure fit, allowing users to focus on their tasks without the discomfort associated with prolonged kneeling.

Recommended Knee Pads

ToughBuilt Foam Fit Specialist Thigh Support Knee Pads TB-KP-3

The pinnacle of professional knee protection in terms of comfort and functionality—the ToughBuilt FoamFit Specialist – Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads. This knee pad sets a new standard for ergonomic knee protection, offering unparalleled stability while facilitating effortless side-to-side movement. The integrated thigh support ensures the knee stays perfectly centered, preventing any twisting out of the kneepad. Step into a new era of knee comfort and protection with these advanced knee pads.

Toughbuilt Knee Pads Thigh Support

ToughBuilt TB-KP-101 2-In-1 Knee Pads

These versatility of ToughBuilt 2in1 Knee Pads—a lightweight solution that adapts to your every need. These knee pads provide the option to be worn with or without the hard shells, offering flexibility for a variety of applications. The rugged and shatter-resistant plastic hard shells are perfect for challenging terrains, while the thick molded pads, crafted with soft, durable, non-marring foam, ensure delicate surfaces remain scratch-free. Enjoy all-day comfort with the single elastic strap that securely hugs the calf, eliminating bunching behind the knee.

Toughbuilt Knee Pads 2-in-1


ToughBuilt doesn’t stop at bags and knee pads; their range of knives further exemplifies their commitment to diverse and high-quality products. Whether it’s utility knives, retractable knives, or precision knives, offers a versatile selection to meet the unique needs of different trades. The attention to detail in the design ensures durability and functionality, making these knives reliable tools in various professional settings.

Recommended Knives

ToughBuilt TB-H4S5-01 Scraper Utility Knife

ToughBuilt TB-H4S5-01 Scraper Utility Knife

This  versatile ToughBuilt® Scraper Utility Knife, a 2-in-1 powerhouse meticulously crafted for precision and durability. Constructed from professional-grade materials, this innovative tool boasts a patented mechanism, seamlessly transitioning from a utility knife to a scraper with a simple press of your thumb. The Scraper Utility Knife includes five custom, Universal ToughBuilt Blades, easily interchangeable with the push of a button. These blades are compatible with nearly all other utility knives, providing versatility for a wide range of cutting tasks. In scraper mode, effortlessly tackle paint, putty, labels, and adhesive removal from windows, mirrors, and tile. Switch to knife mode for precise cuts on materials like carpet, cardboard, plastic, vinyl, and rope. The integrated paint-can opener adds convenience, and the handy lanyard-opening allows for easy tethering, ensuring accessibility on the job.

ToughBuilt TB-H4S5-01 Scraper Utility Knife

ToughBuilt TB-H4S2-03 Reload Utility Knife

Enhance your cutting precision with the ToughBuilt® Reload Utility Knife, a groundbreaking quick-change tool meticulously engineered from professional-grade materials. This cutting-edge knife features a patented mechanism that seamlessly accepts spring-loaded blade magazines, effortlessly loading a fresh blade with a simple flick of a switch. Say goodbye to hassle as replacing worn blades becomes a breeze, thanks to the blade release button that safely removes used blades before effortlessly loading a new one by pulling the actuator back and flicking it forward. Designed for ultimate convenience, the Reload Knife ensures a smooth process with a press of the magazine release, allowing a positive, spring-loaded magazine ejector to drop the magazine away from the tool or into an open hand. Experience swift and easy switching between blade types, making it an ideal choice for professionals who demand versatility on the job.

ToughBuilt TB-H4S2-03 Reload Utility Knife

In the world of work gear, ToughBuilt stands tall as a brand that seamlessly blends innovation, quality design. Shop our full range of ToughBuilt products now on

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