What type of Battery Booster Pack do you need?

May 13, 2022
Battery Booster Packs

We stock a range of different battery booster packs in various voltages and brands here at Toolforce.

They’re an absolute must-have if your vehicle is the subject of a roadside breakdown.

Check out our full range of battery booster packs in our vehicle roadside breakdown category.

Battery booster packs, or charge packs, deliver a charge to a flat or low vehicle battery, typically designed for use in an emergency to help start a vehicle’s engine. 

Vehicle jump starters are also a useful tool to have in a car dealership or yard where vehicles may be sitting idle for months at a time.

However, it’s not a case of one size fits all. You must pick the best battery jump starter to suit your needs.

What type of battery booster pack do you need?
What type of battery booster pack do you need?

What type of Battery Booster Pack do you need?

Normal charge packs will typically work on batteries ranging from 6 to 12 volts while industrial-grade ones designed to jump-start medium and large trucks can go up to 24v.

Don’t forget that jump starters can be used for virtually any vehicle with a battery, from cars and trucks to motorbikes, lawnmowers and watercraft.

Smaller vehicles like motorcycles sport 6v batteries while the vast majority of cars and vans run on 12-volt batteries.

The material of the battery pack might be another consideration to take into account. Typical Lead-Acid battery packs are cheaper, but Lithium battery packs on the other hand are more portable, discharge more slowly and retain their charge better.

Car Booster Pack

Car batteries won’t need as much juice as batteries in larger vehicles to jump-start when they break down.

You won’t generally need anything bigger than a 12v booster pack to jump-start a car, pickup or SUV.

We have a wide range of these in stock to get you out of trouble in a roadside breakdown.

Here are a few examples from Three of our trusted brands, Lemania, Draper and Sealey.

Lemania 12V Professional Start Booster Pack (P1-2500)

This 12v Booster pack is ideal for cars with a dead battery. Check the charge level of the booster pack and test the alternator of a vehicle with the test button.

This car battery booster pack can also be used as a memory saver, allowing you to remove the battery without losing memories or settings for ICE systems, digital clocks or trip computers.

It is robust and won’t let you down when you need it most. It has durable full copper woven cables. These allow for limited losses providing the highest starting power.

It also has a reinforced internal structure providing strength and durability.

The test button allows users to easily check the charge level of the booster and test the alternator of a vehicle.

Draper 12V Battery Booster Pack 90643

This Car Battery Booster Pack starts petrol and diesel engine cars that break down with flat batteries.

Simultaneously, it can supply 12V DC to power 12V electrical devices from its inbuilt 12V DC output socket.

Draper battery boost 90643
ower Pack/Booster fitted with compressor, work light and 12V DC socket and USB sockets.

This Power Pack comes fitted with a compressor, work light, 12V DC socket and USB sockets.

It also has a built-in LED work light for use in the dark or if you’re at a roadside at night.

You can watch how your power pack performs with the battery voltage meter, polarity indicator and air pressure gauge.

It has a handy compartment where you can store accessories for your air compressor.

The booster pack also has a positive and a negative clamp.

Sealey Schumacher® Jump Starter Lithium Power Pack (800A Peak Power) SL67S

This 10,000mAh compact battery power pack is powered by Lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion batteries have numerous advantages over lead-acid, including a flat discharge curve.

Thanks to this, the unit is lightweight and easily fits into a glove box or backpack, and has an integrated work light for use at night.

Sealey Schumacher SL67S
This 10,000mAh compact battery power pack is powered by Lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion batteries have numerous advantages over lead-acid, including a flat discharge curve.

This jump starter is capable of starting 12v vehicles up to an 8 cylinder engine. It is fully protected against reverse charging and overload.

Compared to comparable lead-acid batteries, this charging pack holds its charge for up to five times longer with high energy density levels giving more battery power per gram. It can also run for much longer.

This unit can also supply several full charges for smartphones and MP3 players or one full charge for your tablet/laptop via two USB outlets (5V/2.4A and QC 3.0).


Truck Booster Pack

Trucks require a more powerful jump starter when they break down because their batteries are bigger. The size of the machinery these truck starters are trying to start is more demanding.

In cases with a truck or larger machinery, you should look for a truck booster pack with at least a 24V capacity.

SIP Professional Battery Booster 12/24V 03937

This SIP 12/24V Booster Pack is highly portable and robust. This powerful battery power pack boasts dual voltage operation (12V and 24V), automatic overload protection, and two 12v DC sockets.

It has heavy-duty, rugged steel housing, but it’s still lightweight at only 20.0kg.

It has a reverse hook-up alarm to save you from incorrectly connecting it up to the battery.

The SIP 12/24v Booster Rescue Pack 3000 is a powerful unit boasting dual voltage operation, automatic overload protection, and two 12v DC sockets, all encased in a tough and rugged steel housing.

Lemania 12/24V Professional Booster Pack P21-ST-22

Lemania designed and manufactured this 12/24V Truck Booster pack in Switzerland, and it incorporates their latest battery pack technology.

It is ideal for Starting all 12V and 24V Vehicles such as Lorries (up to 9 Ton), Buses, and Agri and Plant machinery.

This truck power pack has several intelligent built-in safety features.

Ideal for Starting all 12v and 24v Vehicles such as Trucks up to 9 Ton, Buses, Agri and Plant

Its reverse polarity alarm triggers an audio and visual alert when the user connects to the incorrect terminals.

The inbuilt digital voltmeter display allows professionals to see what voltage is available. It also lets them test the alternator of a vehicle.

If you’re using this charging pack on a smaller vehicle, it has a switch that lets you change the voltage of the booster pack from 24V to 12V and vice versa.

How to jump-start your car using a battery booster pack

Using a battery jumper couldn’t be simpler – but you ought to double-check where everything goes before you go ahead and hook it up.

Here’s a handy guide to remind you how to use a power pack.

1. Check the battery booster pack

Make sure the jump starter pack is fully charged

Put the pack somewhere stable, where it won’t fall over. Putting it on the engine is a bad idea – it might fall off when the engine starts.

2. Connect the red positive (+) jump lead

Connect the red positive (+) jump lead from the battery pack to the positive (+) terminal of the car battery.

3. Connect the black negative (-) jump lead

Connect the black negative (-) jump lead to an earthing point on your car. Unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis is best.

4. Switch on the pack

Once the battery pack is connected, switch on the pack.

5. Try to start the car

Try to start your car by turning the key in the ignition.

If it doesn’t start, keep trying. If it still won’t start after a few tries, there’s probably a more serious problem that needs professional help.

6. Let the engine run

If the car starts, keep the engine running for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, switch off the booster pack and allow the engine to run for a further 5 to 10 minutes.

7. Turn off and disconnect

Now, turn off the engine.

Once you’ve done that, remove the jump leads in the reverse order of how you put them on (first disconnect the black lead, then the red lead).

8. Restart your car

Try turning the keys in the ignition to see if the car starts up again.

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