Are DeWalt Power Tools Compatible With Other Brand Power Tool Accessories?

July 10, 2023

Having just invested in high-quality DeWalt power tools, you want to make sure that going forward when you need to replace any of the accessories that you choose power tool accessories that can fit your power tool and secondly, that the power accessory you choose can perform to the standard of the cordless power tools.

So if you’re wondering; Can I use different brand power tool accessories on DeWalt Tools? The Answer is Yes!

Here we will look at quality power tool accessories that are compatible with DeWalt and that can perform well and help you provide that professional finish to your work.

DeWalt Mitre Saw with Trend Blade

Replacement Blades for DeWalt Saws

When it comes to saws you must have quality replacement blades so you can get that accurate cut, make sure that depending on the material that you have the blade that can get the job done quickly with precision cutting. This would apply to the following DeWalt saws; circular saws, Mitre Saws, Cut off Saws, Jigsaws, Reciprocating Saws, Table Saws & Multi-Tool.

At we stock an impressive range of brands that specialise in professional saw blades, so we’re going to recommend to you what blades work with the different types of DeWalt saws. The brands that we stock include Trend, Abracs, Sealey SIP Industrial. You can choose the blade you need depending on what materials you will be cutting and what size blade you need for the task.

See the table below where we will recommend the best brand for each saw type.

Types of Saws Recommended Brands
Circular Saw Blades Trend, Abracs
Mitre Saw Blades Trend
Cut off Saw Blades Abracs, SIP, Sealey
Jigsaw Blades Sealey
Reciprocating Saw Blades Abracs, Sealey
Table Saw Blades Trend
Bandsaw Blades Milwaukee
Multi-Tool Blades Abracs, Sealey

Replacement Blades & Discs for DeWalt Grinders

If you have invested in a DeWalt Angle Grinder or Die Grinder you want to make sure that you choose quality blades or discs depending on what material you are working on and if you will be cutting, grinding or polishing.

Abracs Cutting Blade

See the table below where we will recommend the best brand for Angle Grinders & Die Grinders Cutting Blades & Grinding Discs.

Grinder Type Recommended Brands
Angle Grinder Abracs, SWP, Sealey
Die Grinder Abracs


Replacement Sanding Paper & Sanding Belts for DeWalt Sanders

Having just invested in a DeWalt Sander and you want to ensure that you get the correct sanding paper grit to suit your work?  Whether you have a DeWalt Belt Sander or DeWalt Orbital Sander you want to make sure that you have sandpaper or a sanding belt that will fit your machine and provide you with that professional smooth finished look.

DeWalt Belt Sander With Trend Sanding Belt
DeWalt Belt Sander With Trend Sanding Belt

See the table below where we will recommend the best brand for your replacement sanding papers & Sanding Belts.

Sander Type Recommended Brands
Orbital Sander Trend, Abracs, Sealey
Belt Sander Trend, Abracs, Sealey

Replacement Drill Bits & Impact Sockets

After investing in a DeWalt Drill, DeWalt Impact Driver or DeWalt Impact Wrench? Then you want highly durable drill bits or sockets to work with your power tools to provide efficiency and long-lasting quality.

See the table below where we will recommend the best brand for Drill bits, impact driver bits & impact sockets.

Power Tool Recommended Brands
Drill Abracs, Draper, Milwaukee, Sealey
Impact Driver Milwaukee, Makita, Draper, Sealey
Impact Wrench Milwaukee, Draper, Sealey

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