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September 29, 2023

When the chill of winter sets in, space heaters become our trusty companions, offering warmth and comfort in any Workshop, room or office. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer your burning questions about space heaters, from their energy consumption to safety concerns. Plus, we’ll explore the differences between various types of heaters, including infrared heaters and traditional electric heaters. By the end of this blog, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to select the perfect space heater for your needs.

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity?

One common concern about space heaters is their energy usage. While space heaters can consume electricity, their consumption varies based on factors like wattage and usage duration, most space heaters manufactured after 2018 have a much lower energy consumption compared to older styled electric heaters thanks to the new PTC Technology   To minimize energy costs, opt for energy-efficient models and consider using them in well-insulated spaces.

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What type of space heater is most effective?

When it comes to effectiveness, it’s crucial to choose the right type of space heater for your needs. Ceramic, radiant, and oil-filled heaters are all popular choices. Ceramic heaters are known for their quick heating abilities, while radiant heaters provide comfortable, even heat. Oil-filled heaters, on the other hand, retain heat for extended periods. Each type has its merits, so consider your specific requirements before making a decision.

Are space heaters safe to leave on all night?

Safety is paramount when using any type of space heaters, especially overnight. While some modern models include safety features like tip-over and overheat protection, it’s generally recommended not to leave space heaters unattended while sleeping. If you need consistent warmth during the night, choose a heater with a thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature without constant monitoring.

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What Electric heater is the cheapest to run?

The cost of running an Electric heater depends on factors like electricity rates and heater efficiency, building insulation etc In general, infrared heaters are often considered more cost-effective due to their ability to directly heat objects and people, requiring less energy to maintain comfort. To explore cost-efficient options, check out’s Infrared Space Heaters selection.

Explain the difference between infrared heaters vs. space heaters?

Infrared heaters, a subset of space heaters, offer a unique heating method. Unlike traditional space heaters, which heat the air in a room, infrared heaters emit radiant heat that warms objects and individuals directly. This method can be more energy-efficient and comfortable, as it doesn’t create drafts or circulate dust. When choosing between the two, consider your heating preferences and the specific space you want to heat.

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How To Calculate the Correct Output Heater for your workshop?

Calculating the correct heater output for your workshop is essential to ensure efficient heating. Factors like room size, insulation, and desired temperature play a role. To determine the ideal heater size, you can use an online heating calculator or consult with a heating expert. Investing in the right-sized heater ensures effective and economical heating for your workshop.

As you embark on your quest for the perfect space heater, keep in mind the considerations outlined in this guide. Whether you opt for a traditional electric heater or an energy-efficient infrared model, your comfort and safety are paramount.

Check out below some of our recommended and best selling heaters;

SIP FIREBALL 80XD PLUS Diesel Space Heater 09571

This SIP Fireball 80XD Plus Diesel Space Heater, your ultimate solution for efficient and powerful heating in large workshops and industrial spaces.

This heater puts you in control with its adjustable heater thermostat. When your desired temperature is achieved, the heater intelligently switches off, minimizing fuel consumption and ensuring compliance with Energy-related Products (ErP) standards.

Built to last, this heater is constructed with high-quality components. It features a robust cast aluminum fuel nozzle holder for effective fuel transfer and a stainless steel combustion chamber that ensures efficient fuel burning. A built-in gauge provides you with real-time information on pump air pressure and fuel levels, so you’re always aware of your heater’s status.

SIP FIREBALL 80XD PLUS Diesel Space Heater 09571


Input Voltage: 230v (13A)
Fuel Type: Diesel / Paraffin (Kerosene)
Max. Heat Output: 70,000BTU/hr (20kW)
Approx. Heating Area: 500mtr³ (17,657ft³)
Approx. Fuel Consumption: 2ltr/hr
Fuel Tank Size: 19ltr
Fuse Rating: 5A
Net Weight: 16.83kg

SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater 09594

This powerful SIP FIREBALL XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater, a portable heating solution designed to quickly and efficiently warm up expansive workshops, garages, and warehouses.

With a formidable maximum output of 140,000 BTU/hr (41 kW), this heater can effectively heat an impressive area of approximately 1060 cubic meters (37,434 cubic feet).

Stay in control with the LED displays that provide real-time room temperature information, along with an adjustable target temperature using a user-friendly infinitely variable dial. When your desired temperature is attained, the heater intelligently switches off, reducing fuel wastage and ensuring compliance with Energy-related Products (ErP) standards. Safety is paramount with this heater, as it features an internal overheat thermostat that protects the unit from damage.

SIP Fireball XD140 DieselParaffin Space Heater 09594


Input Supply 230v (13A)
Motor Power: 340w (0.45hp)
Fuel Type: Diesel / Paraffin / Kerosene
Pump Type: Air Pump
Max. Heat Output: 140,000BTU/hr (41kW)
Approx. Heating Area: 1060mtr³ (37,434ft³)
Fuel Tank Size: 65ltr
Approx. Fuel Consumption: 3.8ltr/hr
Net Weight: 28.70kg


The SIP Fireball Turbofan 2000W Electric Fan Heater, your go-to solution for rapid and efficient heating in compact spaces like small workshops, garages, and offices.

Boasting a maximum output of 6,820 BTU/hr (2kW), this portable heater provides reliable warmth whenever you need it. With two convenient heat settings, you can effortlessly adjust the output to suit your comfort level using the user-friendly control dial. Experience fast, powerful, and odour-free heat thanks to the innovative heating conducting composite element. Plus, rest assured that the external casing remains cool to the touch, enhancing user safety during operation.



Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Max. Heat Output: 6,820BTU/hr (2kW)
Heat Settings: 3 settings; 3,412BTU/hr (1kW) / 6,820BTU/hr (2kW) / Fan (25w)
Tilt Adjustment: Yes
Net Weight: 0.90kg
Product Dimensions: 220(H) x 210(W) x 160mm(D)


SIP Professional Fireball 1822 Infrared Space Heater with an impressive 100,000 BTU output – the ideal heating solution for medium-sized garages and workshops with a 120,000BTU/hr (35.2kW) powerful heating output.

Experience powerful and precise directional heat control with the adjustable tilt heater head, featuring a radiant cone that efficiently distributes warmth up to 30 degrees around. Safety is paramount, and the SIP FIREBALL 1822 doesn’t disappoint. It incorporates a comprehensive 5-level safety system, including a tip-over sensor, overheating prevention sensor, flame detector, air pressure detector, and motor thermal protector. This ensures utmost safety and protection in any environment, giving operators peace of mind.



Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Max. Heat Output: 120,000BTU/hr (35.2kW)
Suitable Fuel Types: Diesel / Paraffin
Av. Fuel Consumption: 3.44ltr/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity: 40ltr
Net Weight: 34.00kg

Draper Jet Force Infrared Diesel Space Heater, 60,000BTU 17111

The Draper Jet Force Infrared Diesel and Kerosene Space Heater, a powerful and robust heating solution generating a remarkable 60,000 BTU/hour of heat (17kW). This infrared heater is designed for use in well-ventilated spaces and is equipped with a range of features to ensure efficient and safe operation.

With its thermostatic control unit, stainless steel combustion chamber, radiant plate, photocell safety device, and automatic ignition, this heater provides precise temperature control and peace of mind during use. It operates quietly and burns cleanly, making it suitable for a variety of environments. The internal components, including the in-line fuel filter, electromagnetic pump, and combustion chamber, work together seamlessly to deliver highly efficient ignition and consistent heat output.

This heater is compatible with both kerosene and diesel fuels, offering flexibility in fuel choice. With a substantial 12-liter fuel tank, you can enjoy approximately 9 hours of continuous running time, ensuring uninterrupted warmth during your work. Whether you’re in a workshop, garage, or any well-ventilated area

Draper Jet Force Infrared Diesel Space Heater, 60,000BTU 17111


Max. heat output 60,000 BTU (17kW)
Motor 94W
Max. fuel consumption 1.39L/h
Tank Capacity 12L
Dimensions 560 x 330 x 560mm
Weight (approx.) 16kg

Sealey Space Warmer Propane Heater 54,500BTU/HR LP55

This Sealey 54,500Btu/hr Space Warmer® Propane Heater is a high-performance heating solution, boasting an impressive output of 54,500Btu/hr (16kW). It efficiently warms up an area of 9,500ft³ (275m³), making it perfect for workshops or garage environments. Safety is paramount, featuring a safety solenoid valve that ensures no gas leakage, and it comes with a fully approved gas regulator and hose. The piezo push-button ignition system guarantees safe and hassle-free startup.

Additionally, this heater offers a clean and odor-free heating experience, thanks to its fan-assisted design, which burns fuel completely without leaving oily residue or unpleasant odors.

Sealey Space Warmer Propane Heater 54,500BTUHR LP55


Airflow: 300cfm
Fuel Consumption: 1.32kg/hr
Fuel: Propane
Heated Area: 9,500ft³(275m³)
Output: 54,500Btu/hr(16kW)
Supply: 230V
Nett Weight: 5.29kg

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