DeWalt Outdoor Power Tool Ranges

July 10, 2023
DeWalt outdoor power tools

Getting to that time of year again when you have to focus on maintaining your garden; mowing the grass, trimming the hedges, strimming the grass, weeding and the general maintenance of your garden. Whenever you look at buying garden tools it’s important that you are buying something powerful enough for the job you need it for and that it’s always reliable, You can’t get a much better reliable and trusted brand than DeWalt.

We all know about the powerful brushless motor power tools used by tradespeople worldwide. DeWalt is always innovating and improving its technology to be best in class; that is the same with the DeWalt outdoor garden power tools. DeWalt has some of the best cordless garden power tools that would have no trouble handling any professional landscaper or gardener tasks. The DeWalt cordless range offers impressive long run time on its batteries allowing you to focus on getting your job done and not worrying about will I need to recharge any batteries.

DeWalt Outdoor Power Tool Ranges

The DeWalt outdoor garden power tools are operated using the DeWalt 18v XR or 54v Flexvolt battery ranges; here we will give an overview of the range of DeWalt garden power tools looking at Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Chainsaws, Line Trimmers & Hedge Trimmers and seeing what makes DeWalt gardening tools stand out from others.

DeWalt Lawn Mowers

DeWalt Lawn Mower

DeWalt mowers are equipped to deal with any lawn, whether you need to cut long thick grass or you need a lawn mower to maintain your lawn by mowing it every week, the DeWalt cordless lawn mowers have the power to cut through thick long grass very efficiently thanks to its quality brushless motor. The brushless motor also means low noise and less maintenance compared to other mowers. The DeWalt mowers are run using two 18v batteries giving them an impressive lengthy run-time suitable for professional use.

Easy to store DeWalt Mower

The DeWalt lawnmowers have several nice features that include;

  • Gripped handles for added comfort that help reduce user fatigue.
  • Steel or metal decks give that long-lasting durability.
  • Wide deck meaning you can cover a wide area.
  • Easily adjustable heights, depending on the mower you have 5 or 6 height adjustments making it easier to choose the perfect cut.
  • Large 55 Litre heavy duty mesh grass collection bag
  •  Easy to store away with foldable arms allows for vertical storage
  • Power actuation button for easy to turn on/off and secondary safety switch for added safety

DeWalt Leaf Blowers

DeWalt 18v Blower

The DeWalt blowers are an efficient way of helping you tidy up your garden. DeWalt leaf blowers come in 18v XR & 54V Flexvolt versions giving them that impressive high performance. You are guaranteed a professional performance from a Dewalt 18v blower with its 90 MPH air speed. The 18v leaf blower is lightweight and has a compact design making it comfortable & easy to carry allowing you to get your garden tidy up done quicker.

DeWalt 54v Leaf Blower

If you’re a professional landscaper or gardener and you are looking for a cordless leaf blower that could match petrol machines then the DeWalt 54v Flexvolt blower is perfect for you. It provides 650 CFM (14.7 m³/min) & 200 km/u (125 mph). As well as the impressive power the other advantages it offers over petrol leaf blowers are low noise and no emissions. Its Flexvolt batteries give an extended runtime which is another benefit for professional landscapers or gardeners.

The DeWalt leaf blowers have several nice features that include;

  • Comfort grip handle – ergonomically optimised handle size and position with an over-mould for additional user comfort
  • Power actuation button for easy to turn on/off
  • Variable speed with cruise control – adjustable power without having to hold down the trigger
  • Designed to be low noise & have no emissions
  • High-efficiency brushless motors
  • Consistent professional performance
  • Robust & Durable

DeWalt Chainsaws

DeWalt 18v Chainsaw

DeWalt chainsaws are built for heavy-duty tasks. The DeWalt chainsaws are powered by both 18v XR & 54v Flexvolt battery ranges so you know that you are guaranteed high performance and excellent cutting power. The 18v chainsaw is very versatile and well-suited to any gardening task due to its impressive brushless motor. Its design allows for balance and controlled cutting and offers you up to 70 cuts per charge. Suited for cutting tree branches, logs etc.

DeWalt 54v Chainsaw

The 54v DeWalt chainsaws deliver a very impressive performance similar to that of petrol chainsaws and provide users with a long run time due to its highly efficient brushless motor. The increased torque and improved cutting performance make these some of the best chainsaws in the market. The perfect tool for landscaping or gardening professionals.

The DeWalt Chainsaws have several nice features that include;

  • Variable speed trigger, no need to pull start, single-handed activation and improved control
  • Power actuation button for easy to turn on/off
  • High-efficiency brushless motors
  • Auto oiling reduces maintenance
  • Chain brake stops in less than 1 second for added safety
  • Extensive over-mould for extra grip and user comfort
  • Consistent professional performance
  • Robust & Durable

DeWalt Line Trimmers

DeWalt 18v Line Trimmer

If you’re looking for a strimmer to use for professional use or just your domestic DIY work then DeWalt have you covered. Thanks to the quality of the DeWalt line trimmers brushless motor you get top-class power along with a high cut speed.  The DeWalt grass strimmers are available in DeWalt’s 18v XR & 54v Flexvolt ranges so you know already that you will get reliability and constancy in performance. The 18v line trimmer is durable and provides excellent performance with its 2-speed variable speed trigger.

DeWalt 54v Line Trimmer

Want something more powerful for professional use? Then the 54v Flexvolt is perfect. The 54v line trimmer offers huge improvements to runtime, performance, and tool life-cycle.

The DeWalt Line Trimmers have several nice features that include;

  • Adjustable handle to maximise use.
  • Lightweight and balanced to reduce user fatigue
  • High-efficiency brushless motors
  • Variable speed with high/low control
  • Padded handle with lock-off for added comfort and safety
  • Consistent professional performance
  • Robust & Durable
  • Split shaft for ease of shipping & storage

DeWalt Hedge Trimmers

DeWalt Cordless 18v Hedge Trimmer

Guaranteed a quality precision cut with any of the DeWalt cordless hedge trimmers due to their dual-action, laser-cut blades. The DeWalt 18v hedge trimmer gives you a consistent high-quality performance suited for professional landscapers or for home maintenance. The DeWalt hedge trimmers are a lightweight and compact design that helps reduce any user fatigue. The option of the wraparound aux handle provides an even more comfortable grip. Xenoy housing provides excellent impact resistance and helps extend the lifespan of the tool.  The 18v XR battery provides an impressive 75 minutes runtime along you keep trimming!

DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer

The DeWalt Hedge Trimmers have several nice features that include;

  • Dual-action, laser-cut blades
  • Variable trigger and speed lock allows for total power control, with the ability to lock speeds
  • High-efficiency brushless motors
  • Overmould for higher comfort and better grip
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Xenoy housing which provides excellent impact resistance
  • Consistent professional performance
  • Robust & Durable

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