DeWalt’s Battery Platforms Explained

July 10, 2023
DeWalt Battery Ranges

DeWalt cordless power tools are renowned for being best in class providing plenty of power and quality run time, and the DeWalt battery has a big part to play in the performance of a DeWalt power tool, you need your batteries to operate your cordless tools and the more impressive the battery, the more efficient and effective your cordless power tool will be.

DeWalt has a number of high-performing battery platforms from the 12v XR battery range, 18v XR battery range, powerstack range & XR FlexVolt battery range.

DeWalt 12v XR Battery Range

The DeWalt 12v XR range provides you with compact designed cordless power tools that you need when working in tight confined spaces as well as the power you need to get those tasks done efficiently. The DeWalt 12v XR provides the perfect compromise between size and performance.

DeWalt 12v XR Cordless Power Tools Range


The 12v XR batteries have more than triple the capacity of the original 12V XR batteries. The 12v XR batteries all include the fuel gauge LED charge indicator, making it easy to check if your battery is ready for the job

DeWalt 18v XR Battery Range

The DeWalt XR battery range provides more run time than your standard battery and is compatible with all of the DeWalt 18v range. For example, the 5.0Ah XR battery compared to a standard 3.0AH battery will give you an increase of 66% runtime. The improved run time on the XR battery range allows you to work for longer periods without having to worry about recharging the battery. Even though the XR battery range provides more power and better runtime than your standard battery, it’s still lightweight which is a plus when operating power tools meaning it’s easier to manoeuvre help to reduce hand fatigue.

DeWalt 18v XR Cordless power tool range

With the DeWalt XR batteries providing better performance it’s important that the battery doesn’t start overheating or malfunction so DeWalt has built-in protection against overheating, overload, and deep discharge conditions. This intelligent protection mechanism not only enhances the longevity of the battery but also ensures your safety during operation.

DeWalt Powerstack Battery Range

DeWalt has recently launched the Powerstack battery and is no surprise that it’s the most powerful battery in its class. The Powerstack is compatible with the full range of 18V XR DeWalt power tools. The DeWalt Powerstack battery brings another level to your work meaning that you can work longer and you can worry less about charging the battery. The DeWalt Powerstack technology excels at power, efficiency and lifespan.

DeWalt Powerstack Battery Technology
50% More Power & 50% More Work Per Charge

Powerstack Technology utilises pouch cells to give you greater productivity than before. It gives you 50% more power by maintaining both higher voltage and higher current under load. Utilising Pouch Cells which have a lower internal resistance, Powerstack batteries have been developed to make more power available to whichever tool you pair it with.

DeWalt Powerstack Battery with 2x Lifespan than other batteries
DeWalt Powerstack Battery with 2x Lifespan than other batteries

They also allow 50% more work per charge due to pouch cells running cooler resulting in increased surface area, heat also dissipates better than cylindrical cells. Less heat build-up means fewer hot pack shutdowns and less downtime. The powerstack battery has double the lifespan of a standard battery because the capacity loss in the Li-Ion pouch cells used in POWERSTACK batteries is a small fraction of that of a cylindrical cell.

The DeWalt XR FlexVolt Battery Range

DeWalt has a range of cordless 54v power tools that give you extreme quality runtime and performance. Built for professional use, you can work faster, safer and more efficiently using your XR Flexvolt batteries not needing to worry about power cables or big generators to operate your power tools on jobsites. The unrivalled cordless power you get from the 54v flexvolt DeWalt battery means that you could soon have jobsites use cordless power tools only as you know have tradespeople completing construction jobs using cordless power tools that would never have been able to do previously, tanks to the DeWalt XR FlexVolt range.

DeWalt 54v Flexvolt cordless power tools range

An impressive aspect of the XR FlexVolt batteries is that they can power both 18v and 54v power tools. The XR Flexvolt is the only battery on the market that can automatically switch from 54v to 18v. The XR Flexvolt batteries are backwards compatible with the entire XR 18V range, so any tool or charger you have can be powered by XR FLEXVOLT batteries.

18v & 54v Flexvolt battery range

The XR Flexvolt batteries allows the DeWalt 54v cordless power tools to run faster, for long, using less energy than other cordless power tools meaning that you can be a lot more efficient with your time at work.

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