Do All DeWalt Power Tools Come With A Carry Storage Case?

July 10, 2023
DeWalt Storage Case Buyers Guide

When you buy power tools it’s important to think about how or where to store them. You don’t want to invest in expensive power tools and just leave them lying around your workshop, garage or work van, you want to have them stored away securely after you use them or have them secure during transportation. To maximise your cordless power tool’s longevity you must store them securely to reduce the chances of being damaged.  That is why when you purchase a DeWalt power tool it’s important to check if it comes with a storage case or if it is a bare unit only.

If you already use DeWalt power tools or storage systems you could already be using the same storage solution – the DeWalt TSTAK storage system. When you purchase a DeWalt power tool that comes with a case it’s a good chance that it comes with a TSTAK storage case. This is ideal as you can interlock all your DeWalt TSTAK storage systems together and if you invest in a DeWalt TSTAK trolley you will have no problem transporting your tools around the different job sites suitable for everyday tool storage for trade professionals.

DeWalt Belt Sander with Case

The DeWalt TSTAK storage solution is built to last, made from durable polypropylene material with easy-to-open and close ball-bearing trays along with padlock eyes to provide lockable security and your peace of mind that your tools are safe and secure when not in use.

The newest DeWalt storage solution is the ToughSystem storage system. This is DeWalt’s most robust storage system; the reinforced structural foam outer casing of ToughSystem units provides toughened, high-impact protection for your tools and allows for a maximum load capacity of 50kg. DeWalt builds their tools and equipment to be ‘Guaranteed Tough’, and that is what you can expect from ToughSystem storage – it has durable, rust-resistant, heavily reinforced metal latches and hinges.

DeWalt 6 piece kit with toughsystem storage case


An IP65-rated water seal against water and dust ingress ensures your tools are fully protected whatever the elements while a pressure relief valve on Toolboxes enables pressure equalisation inside and out

How Do I Know What DeWalt Storage System Solution Storage Case Comes With My Power Tool?

If you’re not sure what type of DeWalt storage case your DeWalt power tool comes with and you want to find out, first check the image and description on the product listing. If you’re still left wondering, then you can find out by simply looking at the item’s part number or SKU.

DeWalt 6 piece kit with TSTAK storage case

If the part number/SKU finishes in a ‘T’ that means the case is part of the TSTAK-compatible storage system.

If you have a part number/SKU with the letter ‘N’ that means that the power tool is body only and doesn’t come with any storage case.

If you have a part number/SKU with the ‘-XJ’ that means the item comes without batteries or charger.

If it finishes in a different letter that means it’s part of the ToughSystem storage solution or it comes in a general storage case. If you order a large DeWalt power tool kit and the part number or SKU doesn’t finish in the letter ‘T’ then it will come in a ToughSystem storage solution case. Any of the large cordless power tool kits come in the ToughSystem storage case for extra secure storage.

DeWalt Router

An example of this is two 6-piece DeWalt power tools kits that we sell, DCK690P3T-GB & DCK623P3-GB. The 6-piece kit DCK690P3T-GB comes in a TSTAK case while the other DeWalt 6-piece kit DCK623P3-GB comes in a ToughStystem case. Another example is our DeWalt 18v Router, its part number/SKU is DCW604NT meaning that it comes with a TSTAK case.

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