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July 12, 2023

Einhell is one of the most popular power tool brands in Europe.  Founded in 1964, Einhell is based in Landau/Isar in Germany and prides itself on product quality and on developing exclusive, innovative, modern designs that meet or exceed the expectation of the DIY enthusiast and trade professional. Einhell is committed to offering customers ‘brand quality at an affordable price’.

Power X-Change power tool range

Einhell All Power X-Change Power Tools

The Einhell Power X-Change (PXC) cordless power tool range has over 250 cordless power tools, ranging from DIY tools, Workshop tools to outdoor garden power tools. The PXC battery systems allow for wireless freedom while also providing the power to get your DIY tasks done efficiently. The PXC power tool range is mostly made up of 18v power tools but you do get a number of 36v power tools that have 18v twin-pack batteries to deliver even more high-quality power for the more demanding jobs or tasks you carry out in your workshop.

Best of Einhell Cordless Power Tools

Multi Tools

The Einhell Varrito cordless multi-tool is an invaluable addition to any power tool collection, particularly when faced with challenging tasks in confined spaces that require sanding, cutting, grinding, or scraping. This versatile tool is especially advantageous for extension and renovation projects. The Einhell Oscillating multi-tool features a 12-pin tool fixation system that allows for flexible positioning of equipment and a magnetic tool fixation mechanism for swift tool preparation. Operating at 22,000 to 40,000 vibrations per minute, the Varrito ensures precision work and enhances hand control. Like all the tools in the Einhell Power X-Change range, this multi-tool is designed with a soft-grip handle to provide added comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

Einhell Multi Tool Varrito 4465160


Experience the power of the cordless Einhell TE-JS 18/80 Li-Solo jigsaw, delivering precise and smooth cuts even when tackling curves or intricate shapes in wood. This jigsaw is equipped with a cutting line guide that minimizes splintering and ensures accurate cuts every time. With the added feature of LED lighting, your work area is well-illuminated, allowing for clear visibility of your project. Additionally, the dust blow function keeps your workpiece free from debris, ensuring uninterrupted visibility of your cutting path. Enjoy the convenience and precision offered by the Einhell TE-JS 18/80 cordless jigsaw.

Einhell Jigsaw 4321200

Circular Saws

Einhell have two Powerful cordless circular saws designed with a quality PurePOWER brushless motor providing long run time and impressive cutting power. They are the 165mm & 190mm models, Both lightweight compact design making it easier to control along with large soft grip handle helping to reduce any user fatigue. The circular saws are easy to adjust without using a tool, cutting at 45mm at 45° & 65mm at a 90° angle. Quality features include LED lights for guaranteed visibility of the work area and a dust vacuum helps keep the the work area clean.

Einhell Circular Saw 4331210

Impact Drivers

If you’re embarking on a substantial DIY project at home or in your workshop and require a cordless impact driver, look no further than this remarkable offering from Einhell. Designed to meet your needs, this cordless impact driver boasts an impressive Einhell purePOWER brushless motor, delivering ample power and an extended runtime. It effortlessly handles the task of tightening screws, even those that are large or long, thanks to its ¼” (6.35mm) hexagon tool chuck. With easy speed control, you can ensure that you don’t overtighten on delicate projects. The built-in LED light guarantees excellent visibility of your work area. Furthermore, the impact driver’s ergonomic Softgrip surfaces provide comfort and help reduce hand fatigue, allowing you to work for extended periods with ease.

Einhell Impact Driver 4510030

Twin Packs

Einhell have a impressive selection of Power X-Change Twin Packs. Twin Packs with drills & angles grinders and twin packs with drills & impact drivers. The 18V TE-CD 18-2 Li-i Power X-Change Combi Drill is in both twin packs, it has a powerful and versatile tool used for screwdriving, drilling and hammer drilling jobs. It has a robust, long-lasting 2-speed metal gear box for high torque and torque slip coupling that prevents over tightening of screws.

Einhell Combi Drill 4257214

Twin Pack 4257214 has the drill & Impact Driver. The TE-CI 18 Li Power X-Change Impact Driver is fitted with a unique triathlon motor that is perfect for power-sapping screwdriving jobs. The special impact mechanism eliminates any torsion force on the user’s wrist. The short, lightweight design with ergonomic soft-grip surfaces and a rugged aluminium housing with additional rubber provides increased protection.

Einhell Impact Driver TE-CI 18

Twin Pack 4257240 has the drill & Angle Grinder. The TE-CD 18/2 Li Power X-Change angle grinder is the lightest grinder in its class. It slim design and lightweight feel makes it easier when you have to cut/grind in compact spaces along with the fact that you have an additional handle that can fit in 3 positions, help you access those difficult spaces. The angle grinder has a very low vibrations as well as soft grip handle making it comfortable to operate. Designed for safety, the angle grinder has a soft start and restart protection as well as a disc guard with quick adjustment.

Einhell Angle Grinder TE-CD 18-2

Spray Guns

The mighty cordless TC-SY 18/60 Li-Solo Cordless Paint Spray Gun by Einhell is a very efficient way of painting. This spray gun work great for spraying paints and glazes, detergents and impregnating agents as well as oils. The spray gun has a removable spray head making it easy to clean. The spray gun does 650ml per minute with its adjustable air cap for vertical, horizontal and omnidirectional jets and has a paint regulator to easily show how much you have left. This Einhell 18v Spray Gun is designed with a soft grip handling allowing for comfortable control and help reduce hand fatigue.

Einhell Spray Gun 4260025

Angle Grinders

The slim head designed 115mm Angle Grinder by Einhell is the lightest grinder in its class. It slim design and lightweight feel makes it easier when you have to cut/grind in compact spaces along with the fact that you have an additional handle that can fit in 3 positions, help you access those difficult spaces. The angle grinder has a very low vibrations as well as soft grip handle making it comfortable to operate. Designed for safety, the angle grinder has a soft start and restart protection as well as a disc guard with quick adjustment. To maximise this Einhell 115mm Angle Grinder its recommend to use a 2.5 Ah battery or higher.

Einhell Angle Grinder 4431110

Best of Einhell Outdoor Power  Tools

Einhell cordless garden power tools are designed to provide convenience, flexibility, and freedom of movement without the need for a power cord or constant reliance on electrical outlets. Here are some key features and types of Einhell cordless garden power tools:

Einhell Lawnmower


Einhell cordless lawnmowers are available in various models, including push mowers and self-propelled mowers. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for petrol or electric cords. These lawnmowers offer adjustable cutting heights, and efficient cutting performance, and often come with mulching and grass collection capabilities.

Grass Trimmers

Einhell cordless trimmers and edgers are designed for trimming grass, hedges, and bushes. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, allowing you to reach tight corners and edges of your garden. These tools usually feature adjustable cutting heads, telescopic shafts for height adjustment, and ergonomic handles for comfortable use.

Einhell Grass Trimmer


Einhell cordless chainsaws provide the convenience of cordless operation while offering reliable cutting power. They are suitable for cutting small to medium-sized logs, pruning branches, and general maintenance tasks. These chainsaws often feature automatic chain lubrication, tool-less chain tensioning, and safety features such as chain brakes.

Hedge Trimmers

Einhell cordless hedge trimmers are designed for shaping and maintaining hedges and shrubs. They offer precise cutting performance and are equipped with dual-action blades for efficient cutting and reduced vibration. Adjustable handles and lightweight designs make these hedge trimmers easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Einhell Leaf Blowers

Leaf Blowers

Einhell cordless leaf blowers and vacuums help you clear leaves and debris from your garden or driveway. These tools provide variable airspeed control, allowing you to adjust the airflow intensity based on the task at hand. Some models also offer mulching and bagging functions to collect and compact the debris.

Einhell Power Tool Warranty

Einhell power tools come with a standard 1-year warranty. You have the option to extend it to 3 years but this needs to be done within the first 30 days of purchase. You can apply online and download your warranty certificate.

If your Einhell power tool gets damaged within the warranty time you will need to show proof of purchase and warranty certificate before Einhell arranges the pickup of the damaged tool for you.

Einhell Partnerships

In 2023 Einhell became the “Official Tool Expert” of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team. As a proud team partner, Einhell supports the Mercedes team with their battery-powered tools, allowing them to demonstrate their cordless excellence under the most extreme conditions.

Einhell and Mercedes Partnership

A quote from Toto Wolff, the team Principal and CEO of the Mercedes F1 Team “By using Einhell’s battery-powered tools and equipment, we benefit from the latest technology for maximum performance.”

Since 2021 Einhell has been Home and Garden Expert Gold Partner of FC Bayern. Both are based in the heart of Bavaria in Germany, and they help FC Bayern with smooth match and training day operations.

Einhell Gold Partnership with Fc Bayern

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