Maintenance Tips and Advice for Garden Equipment

June 17, 2022
Maintain your Garden equipment

After another long and hard season of cutting and helping you keep your garden in check, it’s essential to share the love with your gardening equipment and give them some TLC before you store them away for those long cold winter months. To make sure your garden power tools or hand tools perform to the same ability as they did the year previous you also want to maintain them for as long as possible, especially if you have invested heavily in them.

Tips and Advice on Garden Equipment Maintenance


When storing away your gardening equipment it is important to give them a good clean. You don’t want to have rotten grass or soil around the blades during the off-season as this could cause rust and affect the cutting quality of the blade in the long run. For lawnmowers, a clean blade promotes a healthier lawn. A blunt blade tears grass instead of providing a clean cut.  Cleaning your tools and equipment will help them both last longer and perform at a higher level for longer. You can simply use a wire brush around the blades of your power tools or get a hose to your shovel blade and for those small hand tools a quick wipe with a rag or towel.

Cleaning your Gardening equipment
Cleaning out your lawnmower blade with a wire brush to remove any grass


Packing away your equipment for the winter months it’s important to store them in a safe position in your garden shed. You don’t want them falling and getting damaged. When storing your gardening equipment away you should always store them in a dry protected area and try not to have them standing on their side. If possible have them lying flat on a shelf so that the motor is protected. For any chainsaws or hedge trimmers always have the blade protection cover on them to lessen the chance of them getting damaged. Its also recommend to have a protective cover over your equipment to protect them from dust build-up or bugs when stored in the shed, you don’t want your leaf bower getting clogged with debris over the winter months.

Making sure your garden tools are safely stored away
Making sure your garden tools are safely stored away

For any 2-stroke tools such as your hedge trimmer, strimmer, leaf blowers or chainsaws it’s important when storing them away to make sure there is no fuel left in them. You would need to drain them as leaving fuel for over 30 days will affect the quality of the engine. Draining the old fuel out and adding new fuel when you use it again will help prevent your garden power tools from cutting out and will improve the quality of use.


For garden equipment, you must get them serviced at least once a year to make sure that they are working efficiently and to the best of their ability. For chainsaws and hedge trimmers, it’s important to get them serviced for safety and to make sure the blade is working correctly. Getting your gardening equipment serviced regularly cuts down the chances of an accident. Getting regular services also makes it easier to start the equipment. Nothing worse than trying to start your lawnmower again before the first cut of the year.

Make sure your garden power tools are regularly serviced
Make sure your garden power tools are regularly serviced

Sharping your Blades

Something that you can get done at your local hardware or garden store if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Keeping your blades sharpened means that you can do your work more efficiently and with a precise finish. This goes for both hand tools and equipment like lawnmowers and chainsaws. Once sharpened, wipe down the blade with a smudge of 3-in-1 Multipurpose Oil so it’s good to go.

Making sure your blades are sharpened for that precis cut
Making sure your blades are sharpened for that precis cut

Hand Tools Wooden Handles

It’s important to look after your full range of gardening tools and not just the power tools. In gardening planting flowers and weeding you want to make it as comfortable as possible. At the end of the gardening season look for signs of splintering on your garden hand tools and if necessary sand them down smoothly. Apply a small bit of oil and let it soak in and then wipe down with a piece of cloth before storing them away.

Maintain your hand tools makes them more comfortable to use
Maintain your hand tools makes them more comfortable to use

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