Milwaukee M18 Compact Water Transfer Pump M18BTP

March 15, 2023
Milwaukee M18 Compact Water Transfer Pump M18BTP

Looking to upgrade your water pump or on the look out for the best cordless water pump on the market? Then we highly recommend that you check out the Milwaukee M18 Compact Water Transfer Pump M18BTP. A great addition to your power tool collection for any plumber but can also be used for a number of jobs like removing water from trenches, drains, toilets, water heaters etc. Its pump allows you to get water out of something fast in order for you to perform a task. The M18 compact transfer pump with 3.4 kg in weight, it’s lighter than other corded transfer pumps with an equal level of performance.

Portable Milwaukee M18 transfer pump

This Milwaukee transfer pump is compatible with all of the Milwaukee M18 batteries. With one 5.0 Ah battery this compact water transfer pump will have a flow rate of 1817 l/h, it can deliver 908 litres of transferred water. The one thing you need to consider when pumping water with this pump is that the water is clean and clear of any debris.

Compact Water Transfer Pump M18BTP

In the case that the pump has pumped all the water out of the tank instead of continuing to pump dry it will automatically switch off.  This is due to Redlink intelligence. It can recognise when the tool stops moving water and automatically shuts itself off to avoid dry pumping and save the pump’s motor.

self primed transfer pump

This transfer pump is a self priming unit so you don’t have to worry about that priming stuff, just press a button and go.

Easy to operate Milwaukee transfer pump

If you’re working in a trench and you are pumping water up the way this tool’s flexible impeller and powerful motor generate a lift height of up to 5.5 m and a head height of up to 23 m. The water transfer pump has ¾″ BSPT male thread reception for any standard water hose that you have available. For the inlet, a hose with 19 mm inner diameter is recommended, for optimised performance.

Milwaukee Fluid transfer pump M18 BTP

Milwaukee M18 Compact Water Transfer Pump M18BTP Specifications

FLOW RATE (L/H) 1817
THREAD SIZE (MM ¾″ (19 mm) Male thread

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