Milwaukee NEW! M18 Gen 4 Fuel Impact Driver M18FID3

March 15, 2023
Milwaukee M18 Gen 4 Fuel Impact Driver M18FID3

Whenever Milwaukee announce they are launching a new next-generation model drill or impact driver, it always gets people wondering how they can improve on what was already a quality model with the Gen 3. But yet again, Milwaukee has delivered a best-in-class cordless impact driver.

Milwaukee cordless Gen 4 Impact driver

So what is different between this model and the previous you ask  ? The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Gen 4 Impact driver gives you a high power efficiency due to its heavy-duty brushless motor and impressive 226Nm torque. The gen 4 as a very impressive driving speed from 0- 3900 Rpm and 0-4400 IPM.  Compared to the Gen 3 that is a increase of 300 RPM and a slight increase of 100 IPM.

MIlwaukee Gen 4 driver has 0- 39oo Rpm

On this cordless impact driver the user can choose between four different speed and torque setting that help maximise the users drive control experience. The first mode give you slow RPM for precision work. Mode two has slight more RPM and this helps prevent damage to fasteners and material. At mode 3 you will be using the maximum performance of the impact driver for the toughest of jobs.  Mode 4 is a self-tapping screw mode that helps the user if they have to strip out sheet metal fasteners – in this mode the driver will automatically adjusts speed, impacts and torque.

The Gen 4 has a extremely compact design with a total length of 13mm allowing to user to work in tight spaces and still being able to use the drives to its max performance.

Gen 4 has 4 different speed modes

A noticeable difference between the Gen 3 model and the Gen 4 Impact driver is the position of the LED lights. On the Gen 3 you only had one light below the hex socket but on the Gen 4 model you have 3 LED lights around the hex socket. This helps improve the users experience greatly as it eliminating shadows and gives you clearer visibility on our workpiece.

Milwaukee Gen 4 LED lighting

On the ¼″Hex chuck they have designed it to make it quick and easy to change bits by using a one-hand insertion. With the collet empty, just slide your bit into place. There’s no need to pull the collet out to accept it.

Milwaukee Gen 4 Driver

Other features of the Gen 4 Impact driver is that it has a individual battery cell monitoring optimises tool run time and ensures long term pack durability, it has a all-metal belt clip to have it secure to you when on the building site. One the base of the driver you have a place to hold your bits. It can hold two long bits or four small bits.  The Gen 4 is compatible with all of the Milwaukee M18 batteries.


If you are a big fan of both the Gen 4 Drill & Gen 4 Impact driver then you definitely need to check out the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Gen 4 Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack M18FPP2A3-502X

Milwaukee Gen 4 Twin Pack Drill & Impact Driver

Milwaukee M18 Gen 4 Fuel Impact Driver M18FID3 Specifications

IMPACT RATE (IPM) 1400/3600/4400/0-4400
NO LOAD SPEED (RPM) 1750/3000/3900/0-3900
STANDARD EQUIPMENT Belt clip and bit holder

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