Portable Air Conditioning Unit for your Home or Office

May 18, 2023

A Portable AC Unit is a great way to Cool your office or home when the temperature gets higher in the summer months, the Air Conditioning Unit is the perfect way of cooling your space  you can feel your home or Office  getting hot and humid, making it uncomfortable at times during the day and difficult to work or sleep at night. An air conditioning unit will help freshen the air and keep the room cool as well as reduce the room temperature. The Irish home is made more to keep the heat in the home and with most modern houses you will have thick insulation in your walls and roof.

AC unit cooling the room

This is why having a portable air conditioning unit is so important. The ac unit will help cool the room you are in quickly and evenly helping you relax more easier. All portable air conditioning units will have wheels at the bottom making it easy for you to move the ac unit from one room to another. During the day you could have it in the sitting room or home office and at night you could have it in your bedroom.

Air conditioning unit for homes

Factors To Consider When Buying A Portable AC Unit

Cooling Capacity: How well does the AC unit work. You want to make sure that it can fulfil your expectations of how cool it can make your home. The cool capacity will help you decide what size you need and the realistic budget you need to invest in an portable air conditioner.

Cooling Capacity compared to room size: It’s important to do your research beforehand that you know what size of an AC Unit it takes to cool down the space efficiently.

Cooling capacity in BTUs Wattage of air conditioning unit Room size
7000 BTU 2000 W 15 m²
9000 BTU 2500 W 25 m²
12000 BTU 3500 W 35 m²
14000 BTU 4100 W 54 m²

Energy Consumption/ Coefficient Performance: When choosing an AC unit its good to check its energy rating. Ideally, you’ll want to look for a class A to A+++ rating ((from A to G or A+++ to D). With electric costs being so high you don’t want to have a massive bill due to your AC unit. You can expect an increase of about 15% per month for daily use of 3–4 hours .The coefficient of performance indicates the efficiency of devices as a ratio between electrical power consumed and refrigeration power restored. To cut to the chase, the higher the COP, the more efficient the air conditioning unit!

Office AC UnitAir conditioner with programmer & timer included

Programmer: Give yourself to option to be able to time your AC unit to come on before you get home, have your home nice and cool on your arrival or in your office before you come to work  By having a programmed air conditioner unit you can have it set to reduce or power down at different times helping to have energy and reduce the electrical bill.

Remote Control: Make it easy for yourself to turn your air conditioning unit on or off depending on the location of the AC unit.

Air Conditioning Unit with Remote Control

Can be Used as a Different Device: When investing in an air conditioning unit see if the unit can do more than one task. It is very common for a unit to be able to have more than one mode. Portable AC units can often also work as Dehumidifiers, Purifier, Humidifier and heaters. This means you could us the unit all year around instead of just the hot summer months.

Recommend Portable Air Conditioning Units


  • 4-in-1 High capacity, compact, portable air conditioner, air cooling with ventilation, dehumidifying and heating functions.
  • Thermostatically controlled with built-in 24hr timer and sleep mode.
  • Soft-touch control panel with LED digital display and remote control.
  • Self-evaporating system allows better efficiency, low maintenance and powerful cooling.
  • Water-full indicator with auto-shut-off.
  • Supplied with extendable exhaust ducting with window kit for ventilation and continuous drain hose.
  • Eco-Friendly R290 refrigerant.
  • Air conditioning temperature range 16-32°C.
  • Washable filter.
  • Auto-defrost function at low ambient temperature.



Cooling Capacity 12000 Btu/hr
Energy Rating A (EER: 2.6)
Mass of Refrigerant 240g
Maximum Airflow 410m³/hr
Maximum Exhaust Hose Length: 1.5m
Maximum Water Extraction Rate: 30.3L/day
Noise Level: 65db(A)
Rated Capacity: 3520W (Cooling), 278oW ( Heating)
Supply: 230V ~  50Hz

2) Sealey Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier 9,000 BTU/HR SAC9002

  • Thermostatically controlled unit with extendable exhaust hose and window kit – ideal for home or office environments.
  • Features 2-speed fan and electronic remote control.
  • Air conditioning temperature range 16-30¡C.
  • Also features a dehumidifying function capable of removing up to 25L/day.
  • Refrigerant is R290.
  • Mounted on castors for manoeuvrability.
  • temperature range 16-32°C.
  • Cable storage keeps unit tidy when not in use.

Sealey Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier 9,000 BTU/HR SAC9002


Energy Rating A (EER: 2.6)
Mass of Refrigerant 170g
Maximum Exhaust Hose Length: 1.5m
Maximum Water Extraction Rate: 25L/day
Noise Level: 65db(A)
Rated Capacity: 2600W
Nett Weight 22.5kg

3) SIP 4-1in-1 Air Conditioner Unit With Heater Function 05647

  • Versatile mobile air conditioner with multiple operating modes
  • Auto mode automatically sets the temperature for fuss-free use
  • Ideal solution for a range of office, home, and workshop environments
  • Removes the need for separate devices, giving a true all day, all year solution
  • Cool mode offers adjustable target temperature down to 15°C
  • Adjustable heating mode of 8,000BTU/hr (2.3kW) up to 31°C
  • 2-speed fan cooling without using refrigerant compressor
  • Utilises new environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant
  • Wheel-mounted design for easy movement and positioning
  • Easy-to-use control touchpad panel with remote control
  • 2.5mtr expanding air duct; fan tail and window baffle
  • Fitted with window slider vent for directional use
  • Low noise operating level for all spaces

SIP 4-1in-1 Air Conditioner Unit With Heater Function 05647


Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Input Current: Cooling/Heating; 4.6A/ 3.8A
Input Power: Cooling/Heating; 1050w/ 850w
Dehumidifying Capacity 1.2ltr/hr ((30°C 80%) / 0.6ltr/hr (27°C 60%)
Cooling Capacity: 10,000BTU/hr (2.9kW)
Heating Capacity: 8000BTU/hr (2.3kW)
Max. Airflow: 380mtr³/hr
Efficiency Level: EER; 2.6 / Class A
Gas Type: Refrigerant R290 210g
Coverage Type: 18mtr²
Sound Pressure (LpA): 65dB(A)
Net Weight: 26.00kg
Product Dimensions: 700(H) x 375(W) x 375mm(D)

4) Sealey Air Cooler/Heater/Air Purifier/Humidifier SAC41

  • Multifunction 4-in-1 unit comprising air cooler, heater, humidifier and air purifier.
  • Features 3-speed fan, adjustable airflow direction and timer.
  • Refrigerant-free cooling by evaporating water, which can be enhanced by adding ice.
  • Fan-assisted heating function with two settings.
  • Air purification is achieved by negative ion generation and an activated carbon filter.
  • Supplied with electronic remote control.
  • Mounted on castors for manoeuvrability.

Sealey Air Cooler/Heater/Air Purifier/Humidifier SAC41


Cooler: 80W
Cooling Water Tank: 12L
Heater: 1000/2000W
Maximum Airflow: 485m³/hr
Nett Weight: 7.9kg
Maximum Flow Rate (F): 7.5m³/min
Fan Power Input (P): 80W
Service Value (SV): 0.09(m³/min)/W
Standby Power Consumption (Psb): 0.0W
Fan Sound Power Level (Lwa): 65dB(A)
Maximum Air Velocity (c): 10m/s
Supply: 230V

5) Sealey Air Cooler/Purifier/Humidifier SAC04

  • 3-in-1 Air cooler, air purifier and humidifier.
  • Active carbon filter.
  • 4L Water tank supplied with two ice packs.
  • Adjustable airflow direction.
  • Three selectable fan speeds.
  • Easy to operate and move around on castors.

Sealey Air Cooler/Purifier/Humidifier SAC04


Cooler: 65W
Cooling Water Tank: 4L
Heater: N/A
Maximum Airflow: 7.5m/s
Supply 230V
Nett Weight: 4.6kg

6) Sealey Air Cooler/Purifier/Humidifier with Remote Control SAC13

  • Multifunction 3-in-1 unit comprising air cooler, air purifier and humidifier with active carbon filter.
  • Features 3-speed fan, adjustable timer ranging from 30 minutes – 7.5 hours and adjustable airflow direction.
  • Large 13L water tank supplied with two ice packs enables refrigerant-free cooling by evaporating water.
  • Supplied with electronic remote control for Easy operation.
  • Mounted on castors for manoeuvrability.

Sealey Air Cooler/Purifier/Humidifier with Remote Control SAC13


Cooler: 65W
Cooling Water Tank: 13L
Heater: N/A
Maximum Airflow: 10m/s
Supply 230V
Nett Weight: 5.7kg

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