The Benefits of Using Milwaukee One-Key

June 14, 2022
Milwaukee One-Key

Want to feel more in control of all your Milwaukee power tools and be able to manage them? Then One-Key is the perfect app for you. One-Key works via Bluetooth and syncs between your phone and tools.  Here you will be able to track the location of all your One-Key power tools and customise the setting on your power tools to get maximum productivity. You can manage your power tools by checking locations and assigning them to certain crew members when working on a job site.

One-Key Features

Tool Tracking

One-Key allows you to track the location of your tools, this is very useful when managing equipment on various job sites. If you need a certain power tool on one job site you can check if that is being used on a different job site. If not you can easily locate the power tool and get it delivered to the other job site. This saves both time and money for the construction companies as they won’t need to hire other equipment and they can locate all necessary equipment faster.

When working on job sites you can set up Geo-Fencing, this allows you to set up an invisible perimeter around any site. Whenever a tool assigned to one of your geo fences is seen outside of it, you’ll be alerted. This helps stop equipment from disappearing from job sites. You can also use this when giving a lend of one of your tools to a friend you can simply assign them to the tool.

GEO Fencing
Set up a Geo-Fence around your job site and get alerted when a tool passes the invisible fence.

If one of your tools goes missing you mark it as missing on your app. One-Key helps track down its location by using other people’s One-Key apps. When the missing tools get near anyone with the app on the phone you will be sent a GPS location. You can then lock your tool on the One-Key app meaning next time the thief brings the tool to within 30 feet of anyone with a One-Key app the tool will be completely locked down. The only way the tool can be reset is by its owner.

If you own power tools or hand tools that aren’t Milwaukee you can invest in ticks & barcode tags. The ticks allow you to track the location of your equipment by attaching it to the bottom of your equipment. For smaller equipment or hand tools you can use barcode tags. You can simply scan the bar code on your phone and have it added to your One-Key inventory store.


Set up your tools for the work you do. Many One-Key compatible tools allow you to customise related tool controls. Dial-in precision settings for unique applications. Get in and out of installations quicker, with greater accuracy and consistency. With One-Key compatible tools, you can maximise tool performance and accessory life. Dial-in settings like torque and speed to get the most out of your tool in every application.

Customise your tools output
Customise your tools output

Maximise your investment with visibility to whether your inventory is being fully leveraged. Verify that tools are performing tasks to specification. Get alerted before equipment needs repair.

Crew Management

When managing job sites One-Key can help you when it comes to who you want working on the site and what equipment you are going to assign to that site. You can invite employees to join and interact with the One-Key equipment inventory app and help track your tools. Integrated role assignments decide what they’ll have access to.

Crew Management in One-Key
Integrated role assignments decide what they’ll have access to.

One-Key enables you to create a virtual address book of all the people working on site. You can import contacts from your phone and call or email them directly from the app.

Inventory Management

Starting a new job and want to get all the equipment delivered to the site most efficiently and cut back on hoarding. You can track down the place of all our equipment that you will need on the new job site. Wherever work takes you, One-Key is the quickest way to verify what you have on hand. Every TICK, barcoded item, and One-Key compatible tool can be tracked. The app generates a list of what was seen, and more importantly, what wasn’t.

Inventory Dashboard In One-Key
Inventory Dashboard In One-Key

Set service reminders on your equipment, and One-Key will let you know when your attention is needed. Automatic alerts ensure your tools are working at full capacity and their long-term integrity is maintained.

Build a digital breadcrumb trail with accessible history of when, where, and how your tools have been used. Harness this information to make better judgments about their continued use, or retrace your steps to find missing items.



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