Winter Essentials at Toolforce

September 29, 2023
Winter Essentials at Toolforce

Winter brings its own set of challenges, but with the right essentials from Toolforce, you can conquer the cold and ensure a productive season. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a range of winter essentials, from dehumidifiers to generators, space heaters, work lights, water pumps, extension leads, heated workwear and protective covers.

Winter Essentials


A dehumidifier can be a game-changer during the winter months. These devices offer a multitude of advantages, including reducing excess moisture in your home, preventing mould and mildew growth, improving indoor air quality, and enhancing overall comfort, dehumidifier are also use where liquids are spilled or floors or carpets, these machines can remove the excess fluids and dry our rooms , Toolforce offers a selection of quality dehumidifiers that can make a significant difference in your winter living space and help get rid of damp areas forming in your home. Dehumidifiers are often used in apartments to help reduce the moisture building up when clothes are being dried inside.


Sealey 20 Litre Dehumidifier SDH20

Enhance your indoor air quality with the Sealey 20L Dehumidifier. This compact and highly efficient device can extract up to 20 liters of water per day, effectively eliminating excess moisture to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Its intuitive touchscreen control panel offers convenient customization, allowing users to choose specific modes, set desired humidity levels, and even schedule operation with a timer ranging from 1 to 24 hours. The front panel features an indicator light that changes color to display the current humidity level in the room. Safety is paramount, as the unit automatically shuts off when the tank is full.

Sealey 20 Litre Dehumidifier SDH20

CO2 Equivalent: 0.00018t
Condensate Tank: 6.5L (with Auto-Shut-Off)
Dehumidifying Capacity: 20L/day(30℃ RH 80%)
Freezing Pressure (Max): 2.5MPa
IP Rating: IPX0
Mass: 60g
Maximum Airflow: 195m³/hr
Power: Max./Rated – 420/320W
Refrigerant: R290
Steaming Pressure (Max): 1.2MPa
Supply: 230V
Working Space: 30m²
Working Temperature: 5-32°C
Nett Weight: 14.5kg

Sealey 90 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier SDH90

This Sealey 90L Industrial Dehumidifier, your solution to excess moisture problems. With an impressive capacity to extract up to 90 liters of water per day, this powerful unit effectively eliminates excess moisture, safeguarding your space against mildew and mold growth. Equipped with an auto-defrost function that activates in low room temperatures, a 24-hour timer for delayed operation, and an auto-shut-off feature, it offers ultimate convenience. The washable air filter ensures optimal performance, while the environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant underscores its eco-conscious design. For continuous operation, it boasts a permanent drain hose and the added benefit of castors for effortless maneuverability.

Sealey 90 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier SDH90

CO2 Equivalent: 0.0006t
Condensate Tank: n/a
Dehumidifying Capacity: 90L/day(30°CRH80%)
Freezing Pressure (Max): 2.5MPa
Global Warming Potential (Rating): 3
IP Rating: IP22
Maximum Airflow: 500m³/hr
Power: 1000W ( 27°C RH60%) 1350W(30°C RH80%)
Refrigerant: R290/0.30kg
Steaming Pressure (Max): 1.0MPa
Supply: 230V
Working Space: 90-200m³
Working Temperature: 5-35 ℃
Nett Weight: 45kg


When choosing a generator for winter emergencies, it’s essential to consider various factors. Look for generators with the right power output to meet your needs, consider the fuel type (gasoline, propane, or diesel), and assess portability options. Toolforce provides a variety of generators, ensuring you have a reliable power source when you need it most.

Generators for sale at Toolforce


SIP T3000W |3KVA Medusa Petrol Generator 25133

This SIP MEDUSA T3000W Petrol Generator, your reliable power companion for various tools and devices. This generator features versatile outputs, including 230v and 110v AC outputs, and a stable 12v DC battery charging capability up to 40Ah. Its Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) ensures consistent power delivery, vital for sensitive equipment. Safety is paramount with the T3000W, equipped with a low oil pressure alert system that safeguards the engine and automatically shuts down the system when necessary.

SIP T3000W |3KVA Medusa Petrol Generator 25133

Fuel Type: Petrol
Engine Type: 4-stroke, air-cooled, 1 cylinder OHV Engine
Power: 212cc
Max. Rated Output: 3000w
Cont. Rated Output: 2700w
AC Voltage: 230v / 110v ~50Hz
Output Sockets: 1x 230v (16A) / 1x 110v (16A)
DC Voltage: 12v
DC Charging Current: 8.3A
DC Output Capacity: 40Ah battery
Fuel Tank Size: 15 litre
Approx. Runtime: ~8hrs
Sound Power: 96dB(A)

Draper Silent Inverter Generator, 1000W | 1KVA 95196

This Draper Silent Inverter Generator (100W|1KVA 95196): a powerful yet compact solution designed for your portable power needs. Engineered with a lightweight frame and a convenient carry handle, this generator boasts a 4-stroke petrol engine with an easy pull recoil start. What sets it apart is its whisper-quiet operation, running continuously for 4.8 hours at 100% load. Equipped with pure sine wave inverter technology, it ensures stable power delivery for sensitive electronics like laptops, microwaves, and TVs. This generator also features a 230V socket and a 12V DC output for added versatility.

Draper Silent Inverter Generator, 1000W 1KVA 95196

Rated output: 1000W   1KVA
Maximum output: 1100W
Voltage: 230V
Noise: 58dB(A) at 7m
Continuous run time: 4.8 hours – 100%
Engine capacity: 60cc Petrol
Fuel tank: 3.0L
Dimensions: (L) 480 x (W) 255 x (H) 425mm
Weight (net): 12.1kg


Space heaters are indispensable for staying warm in chilly winters, but not all are created equal. Toolforce offers a diverse range of space heaters, including ceramic, radiant, oil-filled, electric and infrared heaters. Each type has its strengths. Ceramic heaters heat up quickly, radiant heaters offer even warmth, oil-filled heaters retain heat longer, and infrared heaters provide direct, energy-efficient heating. Choose the one that best suits your space and preferences.


SIP FIREBALL 80XD PLUS Diesel Space Heater 09571

This SIP Fireball 80XD Plus Diesel Space Heater, your ultimate solution for efficient and powerful heating in large workshops and industrial spaces.

This heater puts you in control with its adjustable heater thermostat. When your desired temperature is achieved, the heater intelligently switches off, minimizing fuel consumption and ensuring compliance with Energy-related Products (ErP) standards.

Built to last, this heater is constructed with high-quality components. It features a robust cast aluminum fuel nozzle holder for effective fuel transfer and a stainless steel combustion chamber that ensures efficient fuel burning. A built-in gauge provides you with real-time information on pump air pressure and fuel levels, so you’re always aware of your heater’s status.

SIP FIREBALL 80XD PLUS Diesel Space Heater 09571

Input Voltage: 230v (13A)
Fuel Type: Diesel / Paraffin (Kerosene)
Max. Heat Output: 70,000BTU/hr (20kW)
Approx. Heating Area: 500mtr³ (17,657ft³)
Approx. Fuel Consumption: 2ltr/hr
Fuel Tank Size: 19ltr
Fuse Rating: 5A
Net Weight: 16.83kg

Draper 04566 230V PTC Electric Space Heater 2800W

This Draper industrial-grade PTC Electric Space Heater, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous heating demands of a range of environments. This formidable heater combines robust performance with energy efficiency, ensuring a warm and comfortable workspace producing 2800Wof heating, powerful yet compact electric heater perfectible designed for office or small workshop, or for use in the home  With a heating capacity spanning 32m³ and an impressive air output of 514m³/h, this heater is up to the challenge of space heating. Its power rating of 1,400/2,800W delivers a substantial heat output of 9554BTU.

Electric Heaters at Toolforce

Heated Area: 32m³
Air Output: 514m³/h
Power: 1,400/2,800W
Heat Output: 9554BTU
Supply: 230V – 13A
Cable Length: 1.5m
Dimensions: W 310 x H 290 x D 215mm
Weight: 2.85kg


Winter work on job sites demands proper lighting for safety and productivity. View the top-notch work lights and different types of lighting so you can work safely and efficiently. LED work lights, known for their energy efficiency and brightness, are ideal for many situations. Portable floodlights, tripod lights, head torches and hand torches provide versatility and coverage, ensuring you have the right lighting solution for your job.

Recommended Floodlight


This Milwaukee M18 True-View Area Light produces up to 2200 Lumens giving High Light Output for working. TRUEVIEW™ high definition lighting with 2,200 lumens of light output in Area mode and 1,000 lumens in Flood mode Advanced LED technology provides 360° of area light, while an independent array of LEDs on the side provide 90° of task lighting. Compact design allows for one-handed transport on the job site, with a built-in carry handle. Impact polycarbonate lens design that is impact and chemical resistant, delivering superior impact durability. Equipped with a 10.8 cm self-centring metal hook, users can hang the light overhead on studs and piping.



Recommended Tripod Light

DeWalt 18v XR Tripod Light (DC) (Body Only) DCL079-XJ

The DeWalt 18v XR Tripod Light DCL079-XJ, your ultimate solution for brilliant workspace illumination. With a variable output spanning from 3000 to 1000 lumens, this light ensures powerful and evenly distributed lighting coverage. Stability is maximized with a low centre of gravity, thanks to the smart placement of the battery compartment at the base of the tripod. Enjoy precise control over light direction through the lamp head’s rotating and pivoting capabilities, offering customizable illumination tailored to your needs. Powered by a 9.0Ah XR FLEXVOLT battery pack, it delivers up to 5 hours of runtime on the maximum setting. With an adjustable height ranging from 1 to 2.2 meters, this light stands tall to meet your requirements.

Product Width (mm)
Product Weight (kg)
Bulb type
Product Length (mm)

Recommended LED Handlamp & Torch


Robust, reliable, and powerful this Ledlenser W5R has a superior Ledlenser light beam that ensures precise illumination even in larger work areas – either broadly via flood light or selectively via spot LED in the lamp head. Thanks to the integrated magnet and hook in the stand, the work light can be flexibly positioned and aligned at any time. The powerful battery can be charged quickly and easily via USB-C and can be replaced if necessary.

CRI 80
Lightsource Colour Temperature 6000 – 7500
Max. Luminous Flux (in lm) 600
Rechargeable Yes
Charging Time (in minutes) 210
Runtime (in hours) 6
Height (in mm) 153
Width (in mm) 38
Depth (in mm) 27
Water & Dust Resistance IP54
Drop Test Height (in m) 1
Working Temperature (in C°) -20 – 40


This DeWalt DCL043 18v XR cordless LED spotlight provides a focused high-intensity beam and delivers a maximum output of 1000 lumen with a distance rating of 400m. When operated with a 5.0Ah battery it has a 10-hour runtime. Its durable, rugged and compact design makes it suitable for use on job sites.


Bulb Type: LED
Light Output: 120 – 1000 lumens
Protection Class: IP54
Length: 155 mm
Height: 250 mm
Weight: 0.64 kg

Recommended Head Torch

Ledlenser IH5R Work Rechargeable Headlamp 502025

Discover the versatility of the Ledlenser iH5R Work Rechargeable Headlamp. This compact and sturdy headlamp features a Mounting System, allowing seamless transformation into an all-purpose light. Powered by a rechargeable battery or standard AA alkaline battery, it offers flexibility and convenience. Adapt the light cone and illumination span to suit different situations. Whether for helmet use or general tasks, utilize the rubber-coated head strap or the included adhesive mounting material for secure attachment. Experience reliable illumination tailored to your needs with this innovative and adaptable headlamp

CRI 70
Lightsource Colour Temperature 6000 – 7500
Max. Luminous Flux (in lm) 400
Beam Distance 180
Rechargeable. Yes
Charging Time 150 Minutes
Runtime 35 Hours
Water & Dust Resistance IP54
Drop Test Height (in m) 2
Working Temperature (in C°) -20 – 40

Water Pumps

Water pumps are great for a number of drainage jobs around the home/farm. They can be used to transfer water from one place to another. You can use them to drain flood water from your land and some pumps can be used on dirty water what has bits of dirt or sand in the water. Water pumps are used at times also for irrigation of crops in a field, you can use a water pump to water crops by getting water from a nearby by stream or well on the land. A useful addition to any farmers shed.


Milwaukee M12 Hydropass Brushed Stick Water Pump M12BSWP

This Milwaukee M12 Hydropass Brushed Stick Water Pump, a high-performing solution for efficient water transfer. Pumping an impressive 34 Litres Per Minute, this M12 Water Transfer Pump is equipped with the innovative HYDROPASS™ filter system, ensuring a continuous flow even in the presence of debris. Submersible up to 85 cm and capable of pumping large puddles with a max head height of 4.5 m, it’s a reliable choice. The ¾″ BSPT thread outlet allows seamless connection to 19mm hoses for maximum volume movement. Suitable for white, grey, and black water, this pump offers versatility.

FLOW RATE (L/H) 2040
THREAD SIZE (MM) 3/4″ (19mm) male

Draper Submersible Dirty Water Pump With Float Switch, 200L/Min, 750W 61667

This Draper Submersible Dirty Water Pump, your ultimate solution for various water pumping needs. Perfect for tasks like pumping out inspection pits, ditches, and footings where suspended solids may be present, as well as general irrigation and similar applications. This efficient pump is fitted with thermal overload protection and a float switch that automatically turns it off when the water level drops. With a maximum output of 200L/min and a maximum head height of 9.5M, it offers powerful performance. The 750W motor ensures reliability, and the 10M (approx.) cable provides ample reach.

Draper Submersible Dirty Water Pump With Float Switch, 200LMin, 750W 61667

Voltage 230V
Maximum output 200L/min
Maximum head height 9.5M
Motor 750W
Float Switch Yes
Output aperture diameter 32mm
Max particle diameter 30mm
Hose adaptor diameter 19mm

Battery Boosters & Jump Leads

Battery booster packs offer a range of advantages that are crucial for various automotive needs. These portable power sources are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring they can jump-start vehicles with ease, even in challenging conditions. They provide a reliable solution for drivers facing a dead battery, eliminating the need to depend on another vehicle or wait for assistance, which can be especially vital in emergencies or when stranded in remote areas. Additionally, these booster packs often feature built-in safety mechanisms, preventing reverse polarity and short circuits, and reducing the risk of accidents during use. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to store in the trunk or garage, offering peace of mind for drivers and professionals alike.

Jump leads & battery boosters

Jump leads, also known as jumper cables, are essential tools for vehicle emergencies. These insulated cables consist of two clamps at each end, usually one red (positive) and one black (negative). In the event of a dead car battery, jump leads enable you to connect your dead battery to a functional one in another vehicle. By attaching the red clamp to the positive terminal and the black clamp to the negative terminal of both batteries, a temporary electrical connection is established. When the functioning vehicle is started, its electrical system transfers power to the dead battery, allowing it to charge and the vehicle to start.


Draper 12V Battery Booster Pack 90643

Draper 12V Battery Booster Pack is your ultimate companion for on-the-go power solutions. This versatile power pack is equipped with a compressor, work light, 12V DC socket, and USB sockets, making it ideal for various applications. Engineered for jump-starting petrol and diesel engines with flat batteries, it also supplies 12V DC power to electrical devices through its inbuilt output socket. With a powerful starting current of 400A and a peak current of 900A, it ensures reliable performance. The pack features a LED work light for dark environments, a battery voltage meter, polarity indicator, USB output, and an air pressure gauge. It even includes a compartment for air compressor accessories and comes with negative and positive clamps.

Draper 12V Battery Booster Pack 90643

Starting current: 400A
Peak current: 900A
Battery: 17Ah
Weight: 7.8kg

Sealey 900A 12V RoadStart Emergency Jump Starter – Hi-Vis With Air Compressor RS1322HV

This Sealey 900A 12V RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starter is your reliable solution for roadside emergencies. This robust jump starter is encased in a durable composite shell with molded rubber protection, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its features include LED indicators for battery condition, polarity check, and charging status. Safety is paramount, thanks to the independent on/off switch that eliminates sparking risks when connecting the positive clamp. Additionally, an integrated LED worklight aids night-time operations. This jump starter also boasts an integral air compressor with a pressure gauge for precise tire inflation. It’s equipped with two 12V power sockets compatible with various devices.


Auxiliary Output: USB – 5V/1A, 2 x 12V Port
Cable & Clamp Length: 725mm
Cold Cranking Amps: 400A
Integral Air Compressor: Yes
Maximum Pressure: 80psi
Peak Amps: 900A
Voltage: 12A
Nett Weight: 6.75kg

Heated Workwear

Wearing heated workwear or clothing during the winter months for people who work outdoors or in cold environments has some big benefits. Increased comfort, the consistent warmth which helps workers stay comfortable even in extremely cold conditions. This can significantly improve morale and productivity. Instead of wearing big thick layers of traditional winter clothing can be bulky and restrict movement. Heated workwear allows workers to stay warm without the need for excessive layering, providing more freedom of movement. Most heated clothes have the option to adjust the heat settings to their comfort level meaning you can maintain a warm body temperature can have positive effects on circulation and overall health, potentially reducing the risk of cold-related health issues.


Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Heated Base Layer

Stay warm and comfortable in any weather with the Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Heated Base Layer. Crafted from durable, pilling-resistant material, this mid-weight base layer keeps your body warm and dry. It heats up fully in just 2.5 minutes, delivering warmth to your chest and back. Powered by the L4 USB rechargeable REDLITHIUM™ battery pack, this base layer offers two heat settings controlled by a user-friendly LED controller. With raglan-designed sleeves and seamless shoulders, it provides superior mobility and comfort. Plus, it offers exceptional run time, providing up to 180 minutes of heat on the low setting. The concealed battery pocket ensures minimal user interference, and it’s conveniently machine washable for easy maintenance. Available in sizes Small – XX- Large

Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Heated Base Layer


High Vis Clothing

High Vis Clothing is very important to wear during the dark winter months both when working on sites and for walkers and joggers.

Hi-vis clothing is designed with fluorescent materials that are highly conspicuous in low-light conditions. They reflect more light than regular clothing, making you more visible to others, including motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. This enhanced visibility reduces the risk of accidents.

Many people work outdoors year-round, including construction workers, road maintenance crews, and emergency responders. During the winter months when daylight hours are shorter, these workers are at increased risk of accidents if they aren’t easily seen. Accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and workers are more common in the dark and during adverse weather. Wearing hi-vis clothing reduces the likelihood of accidents by giving others more time to react and avoid collisions.


Milwaukee Premium Hi-Visibility Vest in Colours Yellow or Orange

This Milwaukee Premium Hi-Visibility Vest, available in vibrant yellow or orange. This vest offers exceptional utility with 15 pockets, providing increased carrying capacity. It includes a clear ID badge holder for easy jobsite identification and a back pocket ideal for tablets or notebooks. The vest features quick internal size adjustments for a perfect fit, along with a padded collar for extended comfort during wear. Designed with a harness tethering hole, it can be securely fitted over a harness, enhancing safety on the jobsite. Certified as Class 2 High Visibility Clothing according to EN ISO 20471: 2013/A1:2016, this vest ensures both visibility and functionality for your work environment

Milwaukee Premium Hi-Visibility Vest in Colours Yellow or Orange

Portwest Hi Vis Polo Shirt Yellow/Black Dx412

This Portwest DX4 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt in Yellow/Black. Crafted for an active fit, this shirt features premium cooling fabric, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. The innovative Hivistex Pro heat-applied segmented reflective tape enhances both visibility and mobility. Its sleek design includes a contrast collar and fluorescent stripe, adding a touch of style to your safety gear. The shirt’s slim fit guarantees exceptional comfort, and it includes a radio loop for convenient radio attachment. Certified to EN ISO 20471 standards even after 50 washes, this shirt offers reliable visibility. Plus, its 40+ UPF-rated fabric blocks 98% of UV rays, providing added protection.

Portwest Hi Vis Polo Shirt YellowBlack Dx412


Protective Covers

During the winter months, the use of protective covers can help to extend the lifespan of items such as outdoor furniture, BBQs and vehicles. By minimizing exposure to moisture and sunlight, items remain in better condition over time. Saves you having to replace or repair items as frequently which in the long run saves you money. Covers reduce the need for regular maintenance, such as cleaning and re-painting outdoor furniture or washing and waxing vehicles. Many protective covers are designed to fit specific items snugly. Custom-fit covers offer superior protection compared to generic covers because they cover the item entirely and are less likely to blow away in strong winds.


Garden Furniture Covers

By securely covering your garden furniture when not in use, you prevent potential damage, such as rust, fading, or mould growth. These covers are custom-tailored to fit specific furniture pieces, ensuring a snug and secure fit. These covers are typically crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials such as polyester or vinyl, designed to shield your patio sets, tables, chairs, and other outdoor items from rain, snow, UV rays, dust, and bird droppings.

Garden Furniture Covers

Vehicle Protective Covers

Vehicle protective covers are essential for safeguarding your automobile from various environmental elements and potential damages. These covers, typically made from high-quality materials like polyester or nylon, act as a shield against rain, snow, dust, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays. By securely covering your vehicle, you prevent paint fading, corrosion, and scratches that can occur due to weather or external factors. These covers also offer protection against tree sap and bird droppings, which can be corrosive over time.

Vehicle Protective Covers at Toolforce

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