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July 7, 2023
DEWALT now available at

We are excited to bring you some News! We are now an Official DEWALT Authorised Sellers and the products are now available to buy at Exciting times here at as we welcome DeWalt on board, one of the biggest and trusted cordless power tool brands in the market. Great news for all of you, our loyal customers as we can now provide a wide range of very impressive DeWalt power tools at a great value.

DeWalt Authorised Retailer

DeWalt is always leading the way with new innovative technology and launching the best-in-class cordless power tools, we will take a look at some of those best-in-class power tools that we now have available to purchase in Store or Online at

DeWalt Impact Wrenches

The DeWalt impact wrench is renowned for its impressive power and high torque, making it look effortless when used on heavy-duty applications. The DeWalt impact wrench was made to benefit the professional tradesman and is suited to use in construction, maintenance, automotive and many more industries. DeWalt has several different size impact wrenches that include 1/2″ Drive, 3/8″ Drive & 3/4″ Drive.

DeWalt Impact Wrench

The 1/2″  impact wrenches are the most popular of all DeWalt wrenches due to their, compact size, durability and impressive torque allowing you to the job done quicker but to a higher level.  Each  1/2″ impact wrench has various speed variable modes that allow for more reliable high-level performance, operability, and versatility.

The 3/8″ DeWalt impact wrenches are compact but still offer plenty of power. Can deliver up to 3600 impacts per minute and has a 3-speed variable mode that gives you greater control when working on precise applications. Designed for use in hard-to-reach confined spaces needing tightening or loosening of nuts and bolts.

DeWalt Cordless impact Wrench

The DeWalt 3/4″ impact wrenches can deliver up to 330 ft-lbs maximum of fastening torque and a lightweight, ergonomic design. It features precision control, which helps to prevent overtightening in forward and fastener run-off in reverse. This cordless impact wrench is ideal for grooved couplings, pipe flanges, wheel lugs, concrete anchor settings, and many other applications where a lot of torque is needed in a compact space.

DeWalt Impact Drivers

DeWalt Impact Driver

The DeWalt impact drivers are designed to be compact but are still full of the power you expect from DeWalt. Powered by DeWalt 18v XR battery range you know they will provide reliable, constant performance thanks to their impressive brushless motors.  Some very useful features DeWalt impact drivers have is that they all have the 3 Halo LED lights providing maximum visibility of the workpiece. 3 Speed variable mode allows for better control and handling of the driver. Another feature is ‘Precision Drive’, technology for avoiding fastener and material damage in screwdriving applications, which makes for an optimal user experience.

DeWalt SDS+ Hammer Drills

DeWalt SDS Hammer Drill

The DeWalt SDS+ hammer drills are amongst the most powerful drills on the market. SDS drills are used for drilling through the toughest materials like concrete, brick and masonry and the DeWalt Drills are more effective compared to other brands SDS Drills. The DeWalt brushless motor along with an XR 18V battery allows for extreme runtime with reduced maintenance.

DeWalt Circular Saws

DeWalt Circular Saw

The DeWalt circular saw is renowned as being one of the best saws on the market. What makes it one of the best circular saws on the market? That is down to its quality performance, reliability and impressive runtime. DeWalt has a great range of circular saws that go over two of their ranges the 18v & 54v ranges. The DeWalt 18v circular saws are more compact in design perfect for tradespeople while the 54v offers more professional power similar to corded saws.

DeWalt Drills

DeWalt Drill

You can be guaranteed that whatever DeWalt Drill you’re interested in, will be up to the challenge. DeWalt has a great selection of Drills that are compact in design but provide plenty of power due to their quality brushless motors. DeWalt cordless drill comes with variable speed modes for max efficiency and runtime and has bright LED lights to provide good visibility on the workpiece. DeWalt drills whether the combi drills or angle drills are designed to be comfortable to handle with an improved ergonomic design with rubber grip over mould improving users’ comfort.

DeWalt Angle Grinders

DeWalt Angle Grinder

Need an angle grinder for heavy-duty cutting & grinding? then DeWalt Cordless Angle Grinders 18v will provide the accuracy and power for you. DeWalt grinders offer you great control, and quick stop time, protecting users from kickbacks, cuts and wheel bursts. They have rubber over mould for improved grip and comfort and the slim body design of the DeWalt angle grinders helps them get work done more efficiently in tight spaces particularly when you’re operating the DeWalt slim head angle grinder ( DCG405FN).

DeWalt Nailers

DeWalt Nailer

DeWalt has a top selection of Nailers. You have a selection that includes First Fix Nail Guns & Second Fix Nail Guns as well as quality fencing staplers. All of these are from the DeWalt 18v XR range and have powerful brushless motors. The DeWalt staplers are must-have fencing tools that are very efficient providing precision with their three-speed modes. The First Fix Nailer run can Fire up to 120 per min while the Second Fix Nail Gun fires 4 nails per second.

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