DeWalt Frequently asked questions

We all know what a trusted & reliable brand DeWalt is and how powerful its tools are. Here we are going to take a look at the frequently asked questions about DeWalt before you want to purchase them or if you have already purchased them and you want to see how the warranty works.

What Country is DeWalt Manufactured in ?

DeWalt is an American company that represents a worldwide brand of power tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries.

How to register for DeWalt warranty
How to register for DeWalt warranty

How long is DeWalt Warranty on Power Tools?

When you purchase a DeWalt Power Tool from an authorised DeWalt seller like, you get one year warranty along with an option of registering for the 3 year extended warranty. If you wish to register for the DeWalt Extended Warranty you need to register for it within the first 28 days after purchasing the power tool. Learn more about DeWalt Warranty here.

How Do I register for 3-year Extended Warranty?

If you wish to register for the 3-year extended warranty you need to do this within the first 28 days after purchasing. You register for the DeWalt extended warranty on MyDeWalt.

You need to create a DeWalt account before registering for warranty
You need to create a DeWalt account before registering for warranty

What Do I Need When Registering for DeWalt Extended Warranty?

When registering for DeWalt warranty you need your proof of purchase along with the codes of the products you purchased. Each power tool has its own unique code to identify it.

Are there any products the DeWalt Warranty Doesn’t Cover?

DeWalt has a number of power tools that you can’t register for the 3-year extended warranty. They include

  • Fastening Tools e.g. Nailers, Powder Impact tools.
  • DeWalt 12v XR, 18v XR, FlexVolt Batteries & Chargers
  • DCF921 “Scaffolders Wrench”.
  • The product has not be purchased been purchased as used or second-hand.
DeWalt Battery Ranges
DeWalt Battery Ranges

How Many Different Battery Platforms Do DeWalt Have?

DeWalt has four different battery platforms. They include 12v XR, 18v XR, 54v XR FlexVolt and the Powerstack battery range

Are DeWalt power tools compatible with other DeWalt accessories?

Yes, DeWalt power tools are compatible with DeWalt Power Tool Accessories. You can use DeWalt Power Tools with DeWalt Accessories but also DeWalt power tools are compatible with other brand’s accessories too.


What is the difference between DeWalt’s XR and FlexVolt technologies?

Both impressive battery ranges, The DeWalt XR range give you longer runtime and less charge time can your standard battery. Designed to meet the needs of professional tradespeople. The FlexVolt batteries will provide you with matching performance you would get from corded power tools. It will give you that power of a corded power tool but you won’t have to worry about wires or generators on the jobsite. The increase to 54V of power that XR FlexVolt delivers over other cordless power tools opens up construction jobs never previously possible with cordless power tools. FlexVolt batteries run faster for longer and use less energy.

XR FlexVolt is the only battery on the market that automatically switches from 54V to 18V enabling it to power both 18V and 54V power tools in the XR product range.

What is the difference between DeWalt’s 18V and 20V Max systems?


DeWalt 18V and 20V Max are similar products . In North America it would be called 20v MAX while in Europe it is 18v XR. The main difference between the two systems is the way they’re branded. So basically the Dewalt 20V Max 5Ah battery from the USA and a Dewalt 18V XR 5Ah battery from Europe, they are for all intents and purposes  the same exact battery but with different labels.

Are DeWalt power tools suitable for professional use?

Yes, DeWalt power tools can be used for professional use. DeWalt would be regarded as one of the best brands on the market for tradesmen and builders.

If you have any more questions about DeWalt, please don’t hesitate in contacting our Customer Support Team




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